Wooden dresser for your contemporary bedroom by Mobican

Wooden dresser for your contemporary bedroom by Mobican

sapporo-double-dresser-by-mobican-2Founded in 1988 in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Québec, Mobican is a family-owned company that has been consistently producing affordable and high-quality furniture. The company’s ability to maintain rigorous quality standards has made Mobican a well-known name both nationally and internationally. One of its areas of specialization has always been bedroom furniture. With an impressive lineup of dressers, nightstands, chests and other bedroom furniture, it is easy to assemble the entire layout of your bedroom through Mobican’s products.

One can see the strength of Mobican’s entire lineup through the power and simplicity of their dressers. Dressers are one of the more influential pieces of a bedroom and their size requires one to properly plan its placement and its storage capability. The team at Mobican understands this and has designed a range of dressers to capture various style preferences.

For a more traditional room, the Sapporo Double Dresser is the one you should be looking at. Its clean lines and wooden frame give off a neutral tone, as well as promise durability. If you are searching for a slightly more contemporary dresser, then take a look at the Mya Single Dresser. Its glass drawer fronts and wooden shell stylishly combine wood and glass to make a trendy statement.

By the range of dressers available, one can see just how attentive Mobican is to its customers’ needs. In all its products, Mobican only uses materials of the highest quality. Inside its selection of walnut, cherry, maple, teak and white oak, Mobican handpicks wood that exhibits beautiful grain patterns. Customer satisfaction is ensured with each of Mobican’s pieces of furniture thanks to the unwavering dedication of the company’s 35 skilled craftsmen who never lose focus. With almost 20 years under its belt, Mobican has proven itself to be a strong competitor and will continue to be so.

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