Deeply entrenched within the vitality of Portugal while honoring historical ties to Norway, Britain, and Spain along the way – Tema Home has forged a successful journey through changing hands and thriving transformations while always remaining faithful to its intrinsic roots of Portuguese culture. Working within 17,000 square feet of production space, the Tema Home family of innovators has developed a solid line of award winning contemporary furnishings crafted specifically to acquiesce to every residential setting with symbiotic veneration. The professional relationship between the 135 member staff is as valuable to their vision as their relationship with consumers, to ensure that every piece of furniture reflects the passion of their dedication.

Created by Tema Home’s esteemed designer, Miguel Vieira Batista, the Scatola Sideboard showcases its evolving yet unfaltering European lineage through its thoughtful visage and meticulous accents. A graceful but modernized series of laser cut embellishments carved into the wooden cabinet doors exude the footprints of Artisan style with its musical inspiration and pure tonality. Although simplicity embodies this attractive component, the salient details distinguish its elegance along with its enduring function for the organized containment of dining essentials.

The edifice inspired architecture of the Gutta Coffee Table is a functional sculpture of contemporary refinement delivering a linear formation that imparts conversational intrigue. The power of this artistic piece is its unique ability to harness the beauty of its surroundings through every plateau while centralizing the space with imaginative brilliance. The interior boxed foundation of this table offers an array of storage and display options while supporting the glass top surface with ingenuity.

Establishing a versatile system of modularity is an approach that allows Tema Home to seamlessly connect with a pervasive clientele on a more profound level as seen with the Dune three seats and Chaise Longue. The high density foam padded seats and plush pillow backs are wrapped luxuriously by supple decadence inviting guests to inhabit with consumable comfort while generating a patterned layout within the homes of all shapes and sizes for accompanying or adaptive seating possibilities.

Cherishing the green heritage of Portugal with the utmost respect for Mother Nature, Tema Home has made a lasting commitment to provide complete furniture solutions to their customers through eco-friendly practices from materials to manufacturing. In compliance with environmental regulations, Tema Home maintains strict quality control standards internally and through vendor relations with the ideology that producing more from less while reducing the consumption of unnecessary materials, process and energy will result in a balanced ecosystem preserving the constant that has become so valued by the people.

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