ROSSETTO – Proudly Designed and Made in Italy

ROSSETTO – Proudly Designed and Made in Italy

rossetto-brand-furnitue-1Rossetto has been a significant, international player for fine Italian interiors over the past 50 years. Known around the world for its detailed approach to furniture, few manufacturers can compare with the artistry infused in each product. Which is why, City Schemes Contemporary Furniture is a distributor. Their unique furniture pieces make them highly acclaimed. Servicing the Greater Boston area, find your Rossetto furniture today. Searching for a harmony between material and form, Rossetto designers put heart and soul into their craft. This is an unavoidable truth for any who have held the pleasure of purchasing Rossetto’s handcrafted material.

rossetto-brand-furnitue-2Understanding the history and tradition of brands that are tagged with “Made in Italy,” Rossetto enforces strict quality checks for all materials and steps involved in the production process. Several factors play a part in the company’s dedication to detail. First is keeping to the Italian tradition of using only the finest materials and ensuring a balance between function and style. The second is maintaining an ethical approach to production by using only environmentally friendly materials. This rule applies to each product, from chairs to beds. The third factor that is integral to everything Rossetto manufactures is dedication to customer satisfaction.

The only aspect of business that trumps Rossetto’s regard for each product is the customer. Rossetto understands that it has only been able to thrive for so long in such a competitive market due to its base of customers. A healthy and prosperous relationship between consumer and producer is the only way a company can truly expand. By caring for the costumer and putting their needs first, Rossetto has found a base to support its more innovative and risqué designs.

Thus, Rossetto refuses to put anything before the customers without adhering to rigorous standards, whether it is using environmentally-friendly materials or testing wooden support and allowing customizable options. Such practice secures Rossetto’s foothold in the market and will allow them to be on the frontier of future designs.


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