Soma Height Adjustable Compact Lift Desk

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Color: Ebonized ash
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With the touch of a lever, the compact and power-free Soma 6331 Lift standing desk glides up or down on its pneumatic column, effortlessly adjusting to the ideal height for sitting or standing. The desktop features smooth, contoured edges, comfortably fitting in a corner or proudly standing in the middle of a room. Creating a workspace in any place, Soma can be easily moved when it's time to get work done, turning any spot in the house into the perfect daily workspace.

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BDI presents a large, unique and functional collection of home contemporary furniture. The increasing demand in accommodating new technology for home AV systems and the need in managing them in a clean and functional way brought BDI to develop a large amount of systems that are adjustable and IR-Remote friendly and at the same time are very well designed.

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