NEW MISTERY CB/4093-MLL 100 Extendable Console/Dining Table by Connubia Calligaris, Italy

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NEW MISTERY wood console table, with extending top and legs at the corners. NEW MYSTERY is an extending console table which you can transform at will into a large dining table. Thanks to the extension mechanism, which keeps the legs at the corners, and the 3 interlocking extension leaves, in matt taupe finish, the top surface can be extended to accommodate 8 guests! When not used, the extension leaves are kept in the rigid box supplied with the product. The console table is also supplied with an additional reclining central leg which ensures greater support when the table is fully extended. NEW MISTERY is a versatile extending console table, the perfect space-saving solution, ready to welcome your guests at any time. Dimensions:
  • Length 19 3/8" - 39 1/4" - 59 1/8" - 78 3/4"
  • Width 39 3/8"
  • Height 29 5/8"

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