Linea 5802 Expandable Modern Bookcase with Glass Shelves

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Color: Charcoal stained ash

The BDI Linea 5802 is a modern double bookcase with tempered glass shelves that looks great alone or combined with other Linea Shelving models to create a complete wall system or room divider. Perfect for displaying a library of books, collectibles, and family treasures or storing items away, the Linea 5802 double shelf provides a versatile open and enclosed storage combination. Soft-close doors conceal an additional adjustable glass shelf, while a generous cut-out in the lower shelf of the cabinet allows for organized connections and out-of-sight cord management. Finally, included hardware will enable you to anchor the shelf to a wall in any application easily.
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BDI presents a large, unique and functional collection of home contemporary furniture. The increasing demand in accommodating new technology for home AV systems and the need in managing them in a clean and functional way brought BDI to develop a large amount of systems that are adjustable and IR-Remote friendly and at the same time are very well designed.

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  • Shelf Appeal

    Fixed glass shelves float in the upper tier, ideal for a complete library or displaying a lifetime of treasures.

  • Soft-close doors

    conceal an additional adjustable glass shelf, providing a convenient and concealed storage solution.

  • Wall Systems

    An ideal wall system, Linea can also be used to create an attractive room divider, securely anchoring to a wall on one end.