LA LOCANDA CB/5064 - Wooden Bench by Connubia, Calligaris

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Dimensions: Height 17.7 in - Width 51.2 in - Depth 15 in This bench is part of the simple yet stylish La Locanda range - together with a stool, bench and tables - designed for trattorias as well as kitchens. La Locanda has simple, traditional lines and a seat with two holes for ease of handling. Entirely made of solid beechwood; available in a range of different finishes.

Available Configurations

Frame Seat REG. SALE
P02 bch. BLEACHED BEECH P02 bch. BLEACHED BEECH  $  390.00  $  331.50
P128 bch. WENGE P128 bch. WENGE  $  369.00  $  313.65
P201 bch. WALNUT P201 bch. WALNUT  $  369.00  $  313.65


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