Interval 7249 78-inch Modern Media + Storage Cabinet

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Color: Ebonized ash / natural walnut
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The striking Interval 7249 78-inch modern media cabinet and TV stand will shine as the center of your home theater set-up. It combines gorgeous contemporary design with a full complement of home entertainment features such as built-in cable management and ventilation, along with a unique flip-down door that is remote control and speaker-friendly even when closed.

Bill Becker, The founder of BDI while being frustrated by the trade distribution, decided in 1984 to create a company that will develop and design an accessible contemporary furniture. In the past 30 years since that day, BDI became a leading force in the contemporary home furniture industry and a leader in Home Theater furniture.

BDI presents a large, unique and functional collection of home contemporary furniture. The increasing demand in accommodating new technology for home AV systems and the need in managing them in a clean and functional way brought BDI to develop a large amount of systems that are adjustable and IR-Remote friendly and at the same time are very well designed.

BDI goal as a leader in the Home Theater furnishing is to Inspire.
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