Mid Century Modern

As with the infinite circle of styles that revolve through time while cycling in and out of our field of vision, the ever-increasing adoration for furniture from the Mid Century Modern time period (mid 1930’s – mid 1960’s) continues to pique the interest of global consumers. This distinctive movement framing the contemporary modalities of today’s interior design evokes the spirit of timelessness and appeals to our deepest sensibilities with subtle motion, organic purity, and innovative refinement. Mid Century Modern furnishings showcase silhouettes of natural fluidity from one end to the other with the use of geometric lines and soft curves to create synergy among surrounding pieces with emphasis upon clean minimalism. Texture plays a huge part in the attraction of these furniture components from the sleek surfaces of tempered glass and smooth veneer to the tactility of sumptuous fabrics and supple leather. The understated yet functional elegance of Mid Century Modernism will ensure an interior landscape of exquisite artistry through the test of time.

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