Nicoletti Home

Nicoletti Home

Over its 40 years of business, Nicoletti has been able to gain international regard with its unique brand on luxury. Such worldwide attention has been gained and held through a meticulous selection of materials and an uncompromised artisan eye. From their core business of leather sofas, such as the Allure and Ambra sofas, to their microfiber and fabric collection, the company has consistently captured the tastes of an ever-changing market. This is evident in the fact that 90% of the company’s sales are registered in 70 countries.

blues-multicolor-sectional-by-guiseppe-guiseppe-3The dominance of the Nicoletti Home brand in such a global market is cultivated through its focus on the customer. Each market entry is the result of a comprehensive knowledge of the community and a commitment to a lasting relationship. These relationships thrive due to Nicoletti Home’s ability to provide upholstered furniture of the highest quality that will guarantee every client’s satisfaction. Whether it is a HOTEL Chair, a Div. 216 Sectional Sofa or a Vincent Bed, the furniture crafted under the Nicoletti name is carefully tailored for each market.

oregon-leather-sectional-by-nicoletti-calia-1With customer care being a top priority, Nicoletti Home holds itself to the highest standards. These standards are met through a combination of comfort, detail and longevity. Each material, from the leather covering to the environmentally friendly polyurethane foam padding, is selected with a guarantee of durability and softness, as it undergoes intensive testing. Adhering to such elaborate guidelines is part of the longstanding tradition of the craftsmen who comprise Nicoletti Home. Their love for detail and originality provide a wide range of furniture at exceptional values that will intimately fit with any room.

romeo-sectional-by-giuseppe-giuseppe-5‘Made in Italy’ division of Nicoletti named “Giuseppe & Giuseppe”  has always dignified products of the best quality, and Nicoletti Home continues to bolster this distinction. That’s why its furniture has and will continue to play a vital role in any contemporary home. City Schemes Contemporary Furniture is a proud distributor of the Giuseppe & Giuseppe line. Visit our show room today to see why we are of the bests furniture stores in the Greater Boston area.

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