Natuzzi Editions Leather Sofas at City Schemes in Greater Boston

Natuzzi Editions Leather Sofas at City Schemes in Greater Boston

City Schemes Contemporary Furniture features a vast selection of leather sofa and sectionals. One of our more notable brands is Natuzzi. Their contemporary and sleek design make them the ideal piece for any room. The Natuzzi Group began in 1959 under the careful guidance of Pasquale Natuzzi. Since that time Natuzzi has grown to incredible heights. It is currently one of the largest furniture houses in Italy, with seven manufacturing plants and is known across the globe as the top manufacturer of luxury goods.

Separated into two product lines, Natuzzi Italia and Natuzzi Editions, the Natuzzi Group offers a wide range of lavish goods. Though Natuzzi Italia offers a renowned range of furniture, Natuzzi Editions offers a specialized lineup of comfortable leather sofas. Each sofa produced by Natuzzi Editions is a masterpiece made with the utmost care for the customer. The Natuzzi Group follows environmentally friendly methods and the latest trends in order to guarantee that customer satisfaction.


With a team of 120 professional designers, architects, craftsmen and other specialists, Natuzzi digs deeply into its research and development sector. The dedication to research has allowed its gorgeous sofas to reach perfection in both comfort and elegance. As a centerpiece-type of furniture, sofas must meet many requirements, aesthetically and functionally. They set the style for the rest of the room and are a point of congregation and relaxation. Only a sofa of the highest quality and made with the detailed approach of Natuzzi Editions can meet your every need.


With a wide array of options, Natuzzi Editions has a lineup of cozy sofas that can fit any style. Homeowners looking for a flair of modern elegance will find the contours of the B803 and B817 perfect for bringing the family together in a contemporary setting. The tone, size and shape of the B748 and B908 are perfect for more traditional homes that wish to incorporate warmth.

City Schemes’ is a proud distributor of Natuzzi Editions. Matching unbelievable comfort with style, Natuzzi Editions can offer an elegant sofa for any style of room. Find your elegant sofa for an unbeatable price at City Schemes Contemporary Furniture today!

We service the Greater Boston area.

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