Modern Office Desks Furniture – BDI

Modern Office Desks Furniture – BDI

sequel-desk-by-bdi-city-schemesThe desk is the central piece to your workstation or home office. It is where you sit to focus and harness your mental energy. Whether or not your papers are filed away or spread across the desk, it is an area of operation and should represent the environment where one works most efficiently. City Schemes Contemporary Furniture is a proud distributor of BDI, servicing the Greater Boston area. Whether you’re looking to furnish your office space or home in general, we carry BDI furniture ideal for any room.

BDI came onto the scene in 1984 under the vision of Bill Becker. Its goal was to make great design affordable for everyone. BDI might be best known for its home theater creations, but its progress in that area has led to innovative designs for every type of room. The designs of BDI’s desks carry a sense of ergonomics and fit easily into any contemporary room.

centro-desk-bdi-city-schemesFor some, a more traditional desk made of wood provides a certain artisan quality and warmth to an area. The MODICA acts as a perfect conduit for such minds who wish for a more organic working space or a vintage vibe that enhances creative work. Others prefer more elegant and contemporary areas that match the sleek technology they use. The CENTRO and SEQUEL DESK are perfect for molding such professional qualities in an area with their micro-etched glass tops. Each also offers a plethora of utilities.

 For others, the main difficulty in setting up a home office is the amount of available space in the house. BDI accommodates such cases with desks like the CASCADIA, which uses a compact frame and linear design scheme in order to open up the space of a room. 

Even if you do not have the space to use an entire room for such a purpose, having an office desk is still the key to working at home. The size of the space might have some effect on output, but the key is to have your own particular space that acts as an escape. The desk is the foundation for creating this type of environment and allows one to make the most of what they have.

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