Modern Office and Media TV Furniture by BDI

Modern Office and Media TV Furniture by BDI

The idea of BDI took root in Bill Becker’s mind when he realized how unfair the “trade only” distribution business structures of top furniture manufacturers were. Bill Becker believed in creating incredible designs that were available for everyone and every home deserved the opportunity to be outfitted with durable, long-lasting and fashionable furniture. This dream became a reality in 1984 when BDI first opened for business.

8779-rc-me-wi-quad-width-cabinet-by-bdiThere are several factors that go into each design of BDI. Each product is dependent on combining function, innovation and style into a piece of furniture that is accessible to everyone. Optimizing the functionality and comfort of the home are two traits that every piece of BDI furniture features. Under Bill Becker’s guidance, BDI produces a large line of modern furniture that ranges from tables and bars to home offices. From the glass top of the Comma table to the warm wood finishes of the Cascadia desk, BDI creates formidable units for the modern age.

BDI’s collection of furniture provides a way to view the home as both a living and working space. Showcasing many home offices and having a niche in home theaters, BDI successfully combines traditional senses of comfort with modern electronics in ingenious ways. This blend also gives many pieces within BDI’s collection a level of versatility, as they can function within rooms like a modern office, elegant dining room or cozy living room.

tc-233-task-chair-233DHF-bdi-grey-mesh-grey-fabric-6No matter what style BDI focuses on next, you can be sure that the customer’s satisfaction will be the driving force. Ensuring the customer’s happiness is a core principle at BDI. This is why comfort and affordability play such important roles in the company. However, part of this process includes reducing the amount of impact that the company has on the environment. Implementing sustainable practices and protecting the environment ensures the quality of materials being used in each product.

With their innovative and sleek designs, BDI provides the perfect furniture pieces to complete your room. Visit City Schemes’ show room to personally view BDI sample models we carry on the floor. City Schemes is confident in stating that we are one of the best furniture show rooms in the Greater Boston area.

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