Modern Living Room Chairs from Europe – FAMA Living

Modern Living Room Chairs from Europe – FAMA Living

Being for 30 years a premier contemporary furniture destination in Somerville and Greater Boston area, City Schemes offers variety of contemporary living room occasional chairs form a European manufacturer – Fama Living.

For over 40 years, Famaliving has been innovating the way homeowners can infuse style in a room. This company takes pride in being a master of the modern aesthetic. Each piece of furniture constructed by Famaliving demands attention. Using a mixture of unique frames, inventive curves and dynamic fabrics, Famaliving captures the imagination with a boldness that few companies can compare to.

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This dedication to style can be seen in a number of Famaliving’s product lines. This fact is especially true for Famaliving’s range of chairs. The Zipi and Zape chair set provide an impact despite the relative small size of the chairs. The chairs come in a range of elaborate and colorful fabrics and display a powerful contrast with their large seats and thin backs. Still modern and playful, the La Caracola chair represents a completely different style. Its rounded back and thin legs soften the vibe of a room.

Despite the company’s unique approach to the market, Famaliving is also able to catch the eyes of more traditional buyers. Many of its models follow a more common design and can be taken with an ordinary color scheme. The Elvis Famaliving is one such model by Famaliving. Its high armrests and ergonomic seat provide a simple comfort and can blend into multiple environments with ease.

Modern and fun are two words to describe the pieces of furniture that are designed and manufactured by the team at Famaliving. That is not to say that the designers at the company cannot capture more classical tastes, but the company earned its name through demolishing conventional ideas of design. The company’s furniture revolutionizes the way you can outfit a room. The available options with fabrics and design allow you to create carefree and playful rooms that can make it easy to bring a family together.

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