Modern Leather Sofas and Sectional by Chateau d’Ax – made in Italy.

Modern Leather Sofas and Sectional by Chateau d’Ax – made in Italy.

Sofas are integral to setting up a comfortable home. They are the central piece of furniture for setting up a space as a living or entertainment room. They promise immense comfort, and their large frames create a space for groups of people to come together and enjoy. Whether the room is hosting a gathering of friends or simply the family, a couch is needed to ensure that everyone is as cozy as possible. Find the perfect Sofa or sectional from the Italian manufacturer Chateau d’Ax, at City Schemes. We serve the Greater Boston area and will assure you the best service!


As such an essential part of a home, manufacturers dedicate a lot of time to creating sofas of different styles. Chateau d’Ax knows how much a sofa can speak of a person. Whether the person is looking for a family couch that has a lot of space and can keep traditional influences or a modern sofa for lounging with friends over the weekend, Chateau d’Ax has sofas that can work for any type of environment.

The Andrea sofa is perfect for any modern home with its geometric lines and metal legs. It ensures comfort for the whole family with an electric relax function that lengthens the footrests and declines the backrest. For a sofa that matches a contemporary house, the Atlantic leather sofa is a perfect fit. It is comprised of composable elements that allow for versatility and its side structure displays dignity with its design and stitching. If you are looking for a leather sofa that will bring a splash of color to a room, then look no further than the Festival sofa. It features a beautiful array of shading from white to brown across its seats.


No matter what style you are going for you will be able to find a comfortable leather sofa to match your desires at Chateau d’Ax. The company makes it a primary mission to provide a lineup that can meet any preference.

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