Modern Leather Recliners by LAFER

Modern Leather Recliners by LAFER

Lafer has a rich history of building some of the most elegant pieces of furniture in Brazil. Having made a name for itself since its founding in 1927, Lafer has become a highly regarded name in the creation of motion furniture. For the past quarter of a century, the company has been able to become a leading innovator in the production of reclining chairs. User-friendly, incredibly comfortable and stylish are the hallmarks of a Lafer recliner chair.

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Recliner chairs act as a bridge between the modern and the traditional. They are the epitome of comfort as they help ease the tension of joints and are often equated with an older generation because of this factor. They are also generally used within personal home theaters to create the ultimate viewing experience. This versatility of the recliner has pushed manufacturers to craft designs that can fit into any style.

For a recliner that fits well within a cabin-like home and works perfectly with a fireplace set in the backdrop, try the TAYLOR RECLINER with its wooden base and simple design. Matching the base with a saddle, toffee or cognac-colored leather seat allows the recliner to capture and bring out the light and warmth of a room. You cannot go wrong with the LAFER LIFTER if you are looking to have a recliner that will assist those with joint pain or difficulty moving about. With the simple press of a button the seat raises and tilts forward allowing for anyone to stand up without a hitch. Lafer even provides for outdoor seating with the BILLIE RECLINER. Its static silver base and rounded shape can sit nicely on an outdoor patio.

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With a range of colors for each model, Lafer lets customers match their desired chair to any style. Whether going for a modern and colorful look with a lime green finish or a more traditional brown-tone finish, Lafer has it all. To experience the level of utmost comfort that Lafer has to offer, visit City Schemes’ show room to experience it in person. We service the Greater Boston area, and provide our customers with high quality furniture at unbeatable prices.

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