Modern Leather Recliners by Lafer at City Schemes

Modern Leather Recliners by Lafer at City Schemes

lafer leather recliner city schemesFor more than 80 years, LAFER has been manufacturing and selling high-end furniture across the world. Luxury and comfort are two words that go hand in hand with the company’s brand. Their collections have consistently shown off products that capture the essence of a refined style as well as ergonomics.

With its home in Brazil, LAFER has become a worldwide, respected name, particularly due to its creation of luxury recliners. This status has been earned mainly in the last 20 years, as the company has led the way in creating easy-to-use and innovative mobility systems in the market. LAFER’s advancements in technology complement their renowned passion for comfort and allows the company to manufacture ideal recliners.

The collections from LAFER include an assortment of recliners that push the envelope of comfort and style. The Valentina is a perfect example of elegance with its wide, square back and thick cushions. The Demi, on the other hand, demonstrates a taste of the contemporary age with its thin frame and soft contours. Despite its nimble nature, the Demi guarantees maximum comfort as the cushions form about your body. As each luxury recliner comes with a range of color and finish options, an exclusive LAFER retractable footrest and the independent backrest and headrest fine adjustments; it is easy to find the perfect recliner for your home.


LAFER’s dedication to quality is demonstrated through the strict quality control that is upheld through every step of the production process. From the selection of materials to the finishing touches, LAFER withholds no expense to ensure that the final product meets both personal standards as well as the customer’s every need. This is why LAFER has been able to maintain its status as a premier manufacturer of top-quality furniture and will continue to do so in the future.

City Schemes is the oldest contemporary furniture showroom in Greater Boston area. We offer the entire line of LAFER Leather recliners.

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