Modern High Quality Office Furniture by BDI

Modern High Quality Office Furniture by BDI

corridor-multifunction-cabinet-6520-bdi-office-white-oak-3Everyone deserves a workspace that is comfortable, inviting and allows for a high level of productivity. It is a space to encourage studious endeavors and so there is a fine line that is drawn between furniture and other accessories that sharpen the mind and those that act as distractions. If there are too many little adornments, then it becomes extremely difficult to focus in an area, which can be problematic when wanting to finish your taxes, plan out your vacation or simply organize your daily schedule. Ergonomics is the keyword for BDI when it comes to crafting an office space.

A desk should not simply be seen as a station for monotonous work though. The desk is an area that should act as the focal point of your professional life and must be able to direct your creative tendencies while maintaining output. Having a fine crafted desk with a set of drawers to house your personal computer, papers and other office supplies allows for a sense of comfort and purpose that greatly increases the level of production. To create such a grand working space, you cannot go wrong with the CORRIDOR OFFICE, which offers a large desk, storage, file cabinets and a special credenza.

centro-3-drawer-file-cabinet-6414-bdi-office-satin-white-grey-glass-top-4BDI’s offices have perfected the art of mixing artistry and efficiency in the contours of their office sets, the mixture of materials they use as well as the variety of arrangements one can create with BDI’s furniture. The CENTRO provides a large work surface and several possibilities for storing supplies. Each piece’s maneuverability in this set ensures that you will be able to utilize every inch of your space to your liking.

Whether it is for a home office or corporate floor plan, BDI has the office set to match the type of work environment you wish to promote. Whether it’s using table desks to increase cooperation or outfitting personal spaces to cut out distractions, BDI can meet the customer’s needs. Come view the BDI models that City Schemes Contemporary Furniture displays on the floor now! Take a look at the swatches we have on-hand and consult with our Sales personnel to get a BDI furniture made to your specifications. City Schemes serves the Greater Boston area!

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