Modern Dining Tables by DomItalia

Modern Dining Tables by DomItalia

Domitalia tables at City SchemesTables hold a lot of power over a room, especially a dining room. In the dining room a table is the centerpiece. It sets the tone and style for the room. Its measurements, color, material and other properties determine the design of the rest of the room. Having a large, wooden table placed in the middle of the room presents a traditional taste. It suggests that the family gathers here for each meal and enjoy each other’s company. A table with a round top displays a sense of intimacy that the bold lines and straightforwardness of a rectangular table cannot.

Over the 25 years that Domitalia has been in the business, the company has come to understand all the nuances of design that go into a table. Tables are one of the company’s specialties and the forms and production quality put into the company’s tables have earned Domitalia a global audience. Though there are many factors that have led to Domitalia’s success, the company’s intensive investments in research and development have paved the way.

Domitalia tables at City Schemes 1With a sector dedicated to understanding global trends and all the details that compose the world of interior design, Domitalia consistently produces tables of great appeal. The first step of the process is choosing the best raw materials. Domitalia’s selection of top-notch raw materials ensures durable products, amazing support and beautiful contours. From there, craftsmen follow natural grain patterns in the wood and upholster fabrics and leather seamlessly into innovative and traditional styles. This process has created an array of unique tables. There is the Artik, which has a heavy wooden top above four angled glass panels as legs. Though the combination may seem odd, the glass legs allow the wood top to hold dominance and allow the room to function in various settings. The process ends with their superb customer care.

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