Modern Bedroom and Dining from Mobican

Modern Bedroom and Dining from Mobican

dali-dining-chair-by-mobican-3Mobican is a family-owned company that started in 1988. Since its inception, its mission has been to produce top-quality, versatile and affordable furniture. Mobican’s goal is currently being carried out through selected stores both nationally and internationally, and its name is highly respected anywhere you find it.

Specializing in dining room sets, bedroom furniture and even audio/video modules, Mobican uses the best raw ingredients to construct units that display contemporary and Scandinavian influences. This focus can be seen in the warmth and meandering contours of the company’s collections. The Dali chair carries such influence with its curved backrest and slightly tilted back legs that elongate its form.

ella-bed-with-legs-mobicanEach product, whether it is the Bella bed or Table Dolci, exhibits such qualities because of Mobican’s dedication to using high-quality materials. Only wood with extraordinary grain patterns and color schemes are selected when building any aspect of a Mobican product, whether it is a frame of a cozy bed or a square tabletop. The selection of walnut, cherry, white oak, maple and teak offers customers a wide range of choices to pick the composition that will best work within their home. The company understands that creating options for the customer is the best way to succeed, and they have customized their production process around this idea. Mobican’s furniture consistently has many color and finish options, providing every customer with an enjoyable variety to choose from.

Based in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Québec, the company’s facility houses 35 skilled employees. These top-notched craftsmen ensure that the raw materials are arranged in specific forms to create appealing patterns and a sense of motion in the product. The product is then equipped with high-quality European hinges and drawer slides to guarantee a functional and long-lasting piece of furniture. Durability, affordability and beauty all come together in every piece of furniture manufactured by Mobican.

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