Modern Bar Stools by DomItalia

Modern Bar Stools by DomItalia

Bars speak heavily about a person’s personality. Any type of bar suggests that a person is extremely social and enjoys having guests over to entertain. However, a person with a wooden bar set in a corner is extremely different than someone who owns a metal and mobile set. A wooden bar sets a far more traditional tone and suggests that mainly family members gather around it. A more modern bar with a metal frame and wheels is tailored a little more toward single professionals who want to be consistently trendy.

Afro-Sgt_amb bar stool by domitalia at city schemes

The distinction of the bar and the nuances it can speak of someone’s character continues with the stools that complete the set. Bar stools can simply agree with the bar, further its influence or even spark a new statement. The height of the stool, the color of the cushion, the material of the frame and so many other aspects affect the way the bar stool is seen.

As one of the top manufacturers of chairs, Domitalia knows the power that a bar stool can have in a room. Domitalia’s line of bar stools allows the customer to choose any option. Whether you want to bring new life to your bar by infusing new colors or create a sleeker atmosphere through taller stools with slender seat frames, Domitalia has the bar stool that will work best for your bar.

When people look at the Afro-Sgt, they are immediately put into an environment that displays a sleek contemporary vibe. It tells others that you are following the current trends. The Playa-P-Sg, on the other hand, shows off a more laid back and colorful bar stool. Its shell, which resembles a wave, is equal parts exciting and relaxing.

contemporary-barstools_domitalia-cityschemesNo matter which refined bar stool you choose, Domitalia guarantees that you will be satisfied. The company ensures quality by enforcing in-depth quality tests at every stage of production. Domitalia’s customer care has always been one of the company’s defining characteristics.

As an official distributor of Domitalia, City Schemes is able to get your desired furniture with ease. Visit our showroom and consult with our Sales personnel today to find the perfect bar stool for your place. City Schemes is the place to go for furniture in the Greater Boston area!

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