Modern and Transitional Sofas and Sectionals By YOUNGER Furniture in Greater Boston

Modern and Transitional Sofas and Sectionals By YOUNGER Furniture in Greater Boston

Younger dedicates itself to the construction of high-quality furniture that works for and with the family of the contemporary age. With its team of professionals, Younger focuses on designs that are comfortable and durable, without putting on any airs. Their pieces of furniture are also manufactured with easy-to-clean materials and have clean and simple lines. The culmination of these different components is a piece of furniture that provides the home with a simple elegance that does not feel cluttered or overly stuffy.

Younger Louie-Sofa at city schemes in Boston

One can see the small touches that Younger puts into each piece of furniture in order to maintain its brand’s unique image. From its sofas to its ottomans, Younger provides a consistently clean and urban look that can accommodate any space. The button-tufted back of the James sofa provides a certain sense of the modern age while maintaining a retro vibe. This stylistic approach makes this sofa perfect for both traditional and contemporary environments. The Studio Modular caters more toward a modern space with its bold colors and versatility. As a modular unit, it is capable of fitting within any room no matter the size and can fill up a space in a variety of arrangements.

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The range that Younger displays with each product demonstrates the company’s attention to the customer. However, Younger goes one step beyond. In order to meet every customer’s needs Younger Solutions allows the buyer to create the best solution for his/her home. This service allows the customer to pick the seating options that best match their living space and lifestyle. From that point, the buyer can even choose their favorite back, arm, tailoring and legs styles. With this amount of customization at your hands, it is easy to set up an entire room or simply accessorize certain spaces according to your exact tastes.

City Schemes is one of the few contemporary showrooms in Boston area. We have selected items from Younger Furniture on display. The rest of this beautiful collection could be found here. Please, call us with any questions.

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