Living room chairs and loungers by W.Schillig

Living room chairs and loungers by W.Schillig

giuudita-54820-high-back-chair-by-w-schillig-newThough many people might initially overlook the importance of a chair, chairs do play a vital role in the home. They accentuate the vibe of a table or counter by extending aesthetic influences, and they also provide a means to connect different elements of a room together. On a more direct level, they are the furniture that helps keep family dinners or a dinner party going. Having a comfortable chair keeps people seated and relaxed so that they can enjoy a whole meal without having to move.

The functionality of chairs cannot be understated and W. Schillig understands this. However, a chair’s functionality does not force its shape or style to be simple. As chairs play such a unique role in the household, manufacturers tend to create a diverse lineup of chairs to meet the many different preferences of its customer base. The perfect combination of function and style can be seen in the expansive lineup of contemporary chairs that the company has available.

No matter which type of setting you are trying to create, whether modern or traditional, W. Schillig has a chair to match your personal preference. The WOOW Tufted Lounge Glider Chair is perfect as a standalone piece in a modern setting with its slim and curved body. The STAN Chair works perfectly in both residential and corporate spaces with its chrome base and the option to come armless. To help extend a cozier vibe, one cannot go wrong with choosing the Nino Swivel & Glider Chair. Its curved back and thick seat create an enclosed and comfortable space.

With over 1,200 employees and 70 years of market experience, W. Schillig creates chairs that are the epitome of style and comfort. With each chair from W. Schillig you are guaranteed “The Ultimate in Comfort.”

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