Lenny Kravitz: The Interior Designer

Lenny Kravitz: The Interior Designer

image 1There is an interesting piece by Mark McGuiness on Lateral Action that talks about how a certain degree of creativity from rock stars can attract more supporters. These individuals, whether in a band or flying solo, are some of the most artistically gifted people in the world. Often they crave more than just the idea of selling out shows and albums because they want to express themselves and showcase their talents through various avenues as well as their music.

For Lenny Kravitz, life isn’t restricted to performing on stage and recording in a studio, as he has been known ever since the late 1990s to invest in, and modernize properties all over the world. In an article featured by The New York Times, he revealed that after a hectic schedule on tour, he wears his other hat, and focuses on being an interior designer. Growing up in Manhattan, New York where he enjoyed iconic rock n’ roll bands such as KISS and Led Zeppelin, Kravitz found harmony in music and décor.

In more ways than one, Lenny Kravitz’ musical influences played a huge role in developing his eye for detail. Often times, many compare him to another guitar legend and style icon, Jimi Hendrix. It is not surprising, to say the least that Hendrix remains a prominent figure decades after his passing. UK-based entertainment company Slingo even paid tribute to arguably the greatest instrumentalist in the history of rock by featuring a Jimi Hendrix Online Slot in its roster of games. For Kravitz though, aside from incorporating precise Hendrix elements into his music, he adapted this eclectic, borderline flamboyant style to his home designs.

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Lenny Kravitz’ first full-scale project was a classic Biscayne Bay, Florida mansion he proudly called “Villa Roxie,” paying tribute to his mother. The result was a mix of modern classicism and a distinct 1970s look. He also collaborated with famous architect-designer Michael Czysz some years later on a Miami Beach house that underlined a mind-bending style with Playboy and Clockwork Orange elements.

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A couple of decades later, in 2005, Lenny Kravitz officially added “designer” to his multi-hyphenated title with the birth of Kravitz Design. He was no longer limited to his own investment portfolio, and had the proper vehicle to share and impart his design talents to the rest of the world. He and his team laid the foundation of and refurbished a New York City penthouse, which had been declining in the market for a number of years. Grammy Award-winning singer Alicia Keys, later on, bought said home, which she then re-sold for a whopping $15 million – $2 million more than what she originally paid for it.

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Kravitz Design’s other notable projects include the Florida Room piano lounge at The Delano, as well as The Setai Hotel’s recording studio. Both developments are nestled in beautiful Miami Beach. The company also fiddled with a chandelier project for Swarovski and produced a set of psychedelic wallpapers – in yet another homage to Jimi Hendrix – for Flavor Paper.

All things considered, Lenny Kravitz proves that learning does not stop once a person reaches a certain level of accomplishment. Yes, he has a place at the top of music’s Mount Rushmore, but at the end of the day, just like any other successful person, there will always be the constant need to acquire more skills to satisfy their creative urges and increase their fortune.

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