Leather Sofas and Sectionals from Nicoletti, Italy

Leather Sofas and Sectionals from Nicoletti, Italy

Nicoletti Home has earned itself international fame over its 40 years of business. With a meticulous attention to detail and a desire to satisfy the customer, Nicoletti produces luxurious furniture that will stand out in any room. Only the highest-quality materials are used and each product must meet extensive requirements. Nicoletti firmly believes that the customers’ happiness is the key to success. City Schemes’ is a dealer of Nicoletti Home, servicing the Greater Boston area. We feature sample models on the floor, stop by today to experience the comfort and luxury of the Nicoletti brand first-hand.

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Such dedication is needed in order to create top-of-the-line luxury sofas. A comfortable sofa serves multiple purposes within a home. It acts as a place of congregation for family and friends as well as creates a space of comfortable intimacy. Sofas are also the core furniture in whatever room they’re in and so determine what preferences will influence the rest of the room. This importance is not lost on Nicoletti.

Nicoletti Home’s famous career began with its leather sofas and to this day, the elegant sofas that Nicoletti designs act as the core of the business. Whether sticking with its traditional Italian leather or using microfiber and fabrics, Nicoletti produces sofas that are comfortable and follow the tastes of a changing market. The support they provide, their cushioning, the color options and the materials used are all detailed with the customer in mind.

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Throughout its lineup of cozy sofas Nicoletti Home maximizes comfort while maintaining a distinct and elegant style. Using environmentally friendly methods as it crafts each and every product, the Nicoletti company is able to capture the imagination of its customers. The ALLURE has been a beloved sofa of the Nicoletti’s lineup as its original design, adjustable backrest and dignified arms provide amazing comfort while being able to reside in any place. For the epitome of luxury, the CONTE features a back and seat foam-filled cushions with elastic webbings for support that conforms to your body.

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