Leather and Fabric Sofas / Sectionals by W.Schillig in Boston

Leather and Fabric Sofas / Sectionals by W.Schillig in Boston

Outside of the bed, a sofa is the most important and comfortable piece of furniture in the home. It is one of the central pieces of furniture when dictating a room’s style and it also plays a role in deciding the level of functionality of a room. This is because of the many responsibilities that a sofa can take on in the home, which can be determined heavily by the party size that the sofa can accommodate. A two-seater sofa sets a more intimate atmosphere while a sectional is for those who like to entertain large gatherings.

The planned function for a sofa home dictates its appearance and size in the home. However, the level of comfort should always be maintained. This is something that W. Schillig believes in tremendously. As a company that has remained a powerful force in the industry for 70 years, W. Schillig has consistently created innovative sofas and other pieces of furniture that maximize comfort. Its team of over 1,200 employees craft top-quality sofas that will live up the company’s slogan: “The Ultimate in Comfort.”

With your comfort guaranteed, the only real choice is deciding which sofa best suits the environment that you want to create. W. Schillig has a wide and diverse selection to help make sure that you can find exactly what you are looking for. If you are trying to design a room around a more modern style, then look at the bold and stylish Boow Sectional. Its straightforward aesthetic and slim legs help it stand out in multiple settings. For a more contemporary setting that maximizes luxury and the current trends, the Allie Power Motional Sectional is a beautiful piece to take home. For a homeowner that wishes to create a more vintage or cozy environment, the Heidelberg Sectional makes a perfect statement with its low body and wide seats.

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