Italian Choice for Counter or Kitchen Island Stool

Italian Choice for Counter or Kitchen Island Stool

Under the guidance of Antonio Calligaris, the Calligaris company started more than 90 years ago with its sole production of the Marocca chair. Since then Calligaris has become known across the world for its chairs and has grown to become one of the largest and most-respected manufacturers of fine Italian furniture, with 600 employees and distribution of more than 800 products in 90 countries. As one of the Greater Boston area furniture stores, City Schemes Contemporary Furniture carries a wide range of Calligaris products. Visit our show room in Somerville today!

Following the tradition of the original Marocca chair, Calligaris counter stools are made with absolute care toward the craft and the customer. Whether the counter stools are made with bold metals, durable woods or Italian fine leather, they must meet extensive requirements in order to be branded with “Made in Italy.”

basil-counter-stool-calligarisTable counters have the ability to set the style of a room. The contours of a table and the material it is made of determine many factors of a room. The stools that accompany a counter, though, have many effects. A stylized stool can modernize a room even if the counter top is plain and simple. A stool can also enhance the statement of the counter and extend its reach into other areas of the room, as its color palette can offer more color variations to a room.

etoile-counter-stool-calligarisAs Calligaris provides a large range of customization with color and size to appropriately outfit any room, the customer’s main concern is figuring out what design to choose. Each design done by Calligaris incorporates appealing contours, efficiency and elegance. The ETOILE stool features a slightly curved shell leather seat with four conical, wooden legs. With such a round and elegant frame, the ETOILE stool can fit in either a traditional or modern setting. The BASIL W stool, on the other hand, with its wood structure and polypropylene seat, functions best in a modern environment because of its basil leaf design.

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