GUS* Modern Designers Apartment Furniture

GUS* Modern Designers Apartment Furniture

Gus* Design Group has become a major player in the furniture sector since its inception. Based in Toronto, Canada, the Gus* Modern Collection is sold through independent furniture retailers across North America and in international showcases. Such growth has only been capable under the leadership and guidance of David Podsiadlo, a man whose background in industrial design has led to unique designs that have captured the attention of the international community. As a reputable dealer, on display at City Schemes’ show room, we have highly requested contemporary furniture pieces from GUS. We consider ourselves one of the best furniture stores in the Greater Boston area, only offering the best service to our customers– including in-house design consultation. Come view the GUS models we have on the floor now!


Paying homage to mid-century modernist designs, the central concept behind each product of the company is practicality with a dash of elegance. Using simple contours and the highest-quality materials, the product line of Gus* Design Group engages modern sensibilities. Their lines and contours are straightforward and their functionality is diverse. With a range of products that includes upholstered seating, dining furniture, beds, accessories and accent pieces, this high-end furniture company can enhance the statement of any room in the house.

Gus* Design Group is renowned for its ability to add elementary flourishes to a traditional design in order to create extra functionality with its products. From the graph stool to the vintage swing arm lamp, the company’s designs can fit within cozy, rustic cabins to contemporary apartments. This top manufacturing company is not a stranger to comfort either. Its range of sofas, sectionals and beds are created under rigorous regulations in order to provide the ultimate comfort for customers. Whether it’s the Atwood Lounge or Archive Sofa from the LOFT series, the customer is guaranteed a durable and cozy piece of furniture.

bedford-lounge-gus-modern-leaside-driftwood-l02Customer satisfaction is always a top priority of Gus* Design Group, as they understand that the trust of its clients has been one of the largest contributing factors to their success. Part of this process includes accommodating a range of customers with custom and private label designs and manufacturing services.

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