Giuseppe & Giuseppe Modern leather sofas by Nicoletti. Made in Italy.

Giuseppe & Giuseppe Modern leather sofas by Nicoletti. Made in Italy.

Sofas are essential to any living room. Their functionality as a space of comfort holds value no matter who the customer is. To a family, a sofa represents quality time to be spent together, either playing board games or relaxing and watching TV. To a couple, a sofa represents a space to unwind from the stresses of the day together while catching up on their favorite programs. To a single person, it could be a gaming or entertainment space where friends and family will get together for a weekend party.Puzzle-1Consistently building luxurious, sleek and innovative pieces of furniture, Giuseppe & Giuseppe has proven itself to be one of the world’s top manufacturers of fine Italian leather, and sofas are one of its specialties.

The company understands the impact that a sofa can make and the necessity that goes with choosing the correct one for your space. The Luna sofa, for example, dances across the room with its wide cushions and maneuverable backrests. The Gold sofa is sleek and can work in almost any setting with its clean lines. For a major change of pace, one cannot go wrong with the Blues sofa, which has a retro color scheme and design. Comfort and vintage aesthetics blend so easily into the piece that it can be used in a family fun zone.

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Each of these sofas embolden rooms with their designs and are able to capture extremely unique taste. Such luxurious and imaginative leather sofas are only to be expected of Giuseppe & Giuseppe. The company carries the tradition of excellence that the Nicoletti and Calia brands have built over their combined experience of more than 50 years. Such stylistic choices also align with the company’s desire to cater to the most creative and contemporary customers in the market. It’s a brand you can always trust.

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