Genuine Leather beds by Chateau d’Ax, made in Italy

Genuine Leather beds by Chateau d’Ax, made in Italy

Beds are an integral part of our lives. They are our gateways to peace and tranquility. They are the piece of furniture that we seek out at the end of the day. They are our ultimate sanctuaries and they are of immense importance to us, because they act as our most personal shelters. From childhood to adulthood, beds hold a certain quality that allows us to be at ease, even more than when resting on a sofa or a recliner.

chateau dax leather bed fifty_1Chateau d’Ax consistently captures this quality as they make bed after bed of exemplary quality. Founded more than 60 years ago, Chateau d’Ax has made a name for itself at the top of the manufacturing world. Each product is the culmination of those 60+ years in business, as family tradition acts as one of the core principles of the company. Every piece of furniture that Chateau d’Ax makes acts as the stepping stone for the next, and so the company’s understanding of design and quality is vast and deep.

This truth is ever present in the production quality of the company’s beds, which are supported by some of the most advanced mattresses in today’s market. The Atlantic bed is characterized by simple lines that spread elegance throughout the room. Available in various colors and constructed in leather with headboard and upholstered bench, the Atlantic can match and refine any room. Another masterpiece of grace and nobility is the San Giulio, which features a gorgeous head that grabs your attention. For a bed that holds a feeling of nostalgia, you cannot go wrong with the Crete, which recreates the 70s with its metallic feet and simple body.

chateau dax bed iris_1

Chateau d’Ax is a symbol of grace and luxury into today’s market. Each product the company releases is guaranteed to meet the customer’s expectations. To buy a bed from the company is to guarantee yourself an intimate, cozy and sophisticated piece of furniture. City Schemes makes the process of purchasing furniture easy, with little to no hassle. Servicing the Greater Boston area, City Schemes’ offers a wide range of products from Chateau d’Ax, including the beds mentioned in this post. Visit our showroom now!


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