European Living Room Chairs by Suinta, Spain

European Living Room Chairs by Suinta, Spain

suinta living room chair city schemesFounded in 1990 in Yecla, Murcia (Spain), Suinta has become a renowned furniture manufacturer. The company has shown incredible attention to detail over its three decades of business, and it continuously creates remarkable and contemporary furniture at its facility.

With a team of imaginative professionals and a facility that is home to some of the most advanced technology, Suinta is one of the national leaders in the market for manufactured furniture. The exceptional quality of the team and its equipment can be seen in any of the company’s lineup. Though the company is most renowned for its creation of luxurious sofa beds, the company is also quite known for its comfortable armchairs. With any armchair from Suinta, you are guaranteed comfort, durability and style.

For a modern setting, one cannot go wrong with the MARIA 600 Upholstered Armchair. Its wide seat and curved back already make a statement, but the range of color options provided with this trendy armchair ensure that you can make the MARIA 600 a standout piece of furniture in even the most modern of areas. In direct comparison to the bold and eye-catching aesthetic of the MARIA 600 is the PACO Upholstered Armchair. The PACO’s clean lines and traditional structure allow it to blend in seamlessly with an area, and it will help accentuate grander pieces of furniture.

For a statement of elegance, look at the CROIX Upholstered Fabric Armchair, one of the company’s signature items. Its sloped back, high armrests and slight curve manufacture a sense of refinement in any room. The range of styles that Suinta’s team of craftsmen can create is immense. No matter what type of setting you are trying to set up, whether it is in the home or in the office, you will find the perfect piece in Suinta’s lineup of armchairs.



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