European Contemporary Sleeper Sofa beds from Suinta, Spain

European Contemporary Sleeper Sofa beds from Suinta, Spain

In 1990 the renowned furniture manufacturer Suinta was founded in in Yecla, Murcia (Spain). Suinta’s facility is comprised of 8,000 square meters, and it is home to the most modern technology and manufacturing systems. The company’s dedication to quality, through its shared team vision and use of top-quality equipment, has made Suinta a leader in the national market for manufactured furniture, in particular: sofa beds.

suinta sleepers sofa bed at city schemes boston

With an innovative team of professionals, Suinta has been able to consistently maintain a position at the top of the market with its range of stylish sofa beds. The Como sofa bed is an extraordinary example of the traditional with the contemporary. The mixture of thin wooden sides with thick cushions creates a contemporary warmth in any home. For one who is looking for something more modern, take a peek at the New Mika. This sofa bed incorporates slim and clean lines in order to create a modern vibe. Suinta prides itself on the creation of sofa beds and puts a lot of emphasis on ensuring the customer’s satisfaction in finding a proper sofa bed. That’s why the company uses easy dry-cleaning components, such as microfibers.

However, Suinta’s quality is not restricted to the manufacturing of sofa beds. The company also dives into the creation of armchairs. Manufacturing easy-to-use and comfortable armchairs has become a staple of the company’s product line. With a range of styles that can adapt to any room, Suinta demonstrates an approach that caters to the customer. The Living armchair can handle any room of modern influence, with its unique curves, while the Roble armchair states a simple elegance through its high back and small contours.urbino-sofa-bed-by-suinta-spain-002

City Schemes Contemporary Furniture is an authorized dealer of Suinta in the Greater Boston area and we have on our floor a few sleeper / sofa bed samples of this great modern furniture line.

For a company that combines quality and convenience, look no farther than Suinta. Its team of professionals designs and creates some of the most versatile pieces of furniture to handle any type of space.

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