Ekornes Stressless YOU recliners – the best display in Massachusetts

Ekornes Stressless YOU recliners – the best display in Massachusetts

stressless-you-urban-round-glass-top-and-metal-frame-coffee-table-by-ekornes-2Recliners represent comfort and relaxation. They have always taken on such a role, and many people associate recliners with going to their grandparents’ home and watching their grandma or grandpa settle down into a recliner before watching TV or telling a story.

However, recliners have evolved over the years. To associate these luxurious chairs simply with an older generation is a disservice to yourself as much as it is to the piece of furniture. Today, you can easily find a diverse range of recliners. From bulkier classics to slim models with bolder colors, recliners are capable of fitting in any setting, whether it is more traditional or ultra modern. Despite all the changes in the appearances of recliners, designers still hold comfort as the main aspect of these chairs.

When it comes to building units that are supposed to maximize comfort, Ekornes is at the forefront of the industry. Founded in 1934, this company has constantly pushed itself to create the most comfortable furniture possible. Today, this Norwegian brand has patented the Blide Plus and ErgoAdapt systems to guarantee ease of setting and movement with their leather recliners. This technology has actually led Ekornes’ recliners to earn the distinction of an endorsement from the American Chiropractic Association.

You can have this level of comfort placed in your house thanks to the wide range of recliners that Ekornes manufactures. For a more traditional home, one cannot go wrong with the Stressless YOU James Leather Recliner with a wooden base. The wooden base helps ground the base and give it a slightly more aged feeling. The Stressless YOU Michael Leather Recliner with an aluminum base, on the other hand, is perfect for a more contemporary home. The thin metal base and slim contour of the chair create a much more fluid environment.

City Schemes has the entire collection of Ekornes Stressless YOU sofas and recliner on display – come visit us or call for more information.

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