Contemporary Wall Units by Rossetto, Italy

Contemporary Wall Units by Rossetto, Italy

A wall unit is one of the best ways to further enhance the characteristics of a room as well as present something a bit more outside the constraints of a room’s given style. This is due to the intricacies of space that a wall unit presents for a home. Cubbies of various shapes, lengths and widths come together to form a powerful and complex piece of furniture. Its power is reminiscent of jazz where the spaces untouched can speak as loudly as the parts used. Though its frame and spacing might tie easily into the elements of a room, the items it holds can immensely change the feeling of a room.rossetto-wall-unit-at-city-schemes-1

Rossetto’s dedication to creating rooms that capture an essence and play up a certain theme are continued in their wall units. The Lounge living room collection features an ultra sleek wallboard with glass shelves that hang above a grounded unit. Despite the elegance of this wall unit’s lines, it maintains a modern and even slightly casual vibe. The Tween Box collection features a wall unit with shelving boxes of different shapes, creating a unique pattern. For a more traditional product with a minimalist influence, you cannot go wrong with the Tween collection’s wall unit. Its modular furnishing elements create a compact and neat space.

Wall units are a fun and great way to add flair to a room, and Rossetto’s lineup ensures that you will be able to spice up your personal space. No matter what your preferences are, Rossetto’s wall units will provide you with the furnishings, shelves and cubbies that will maximize every inch of your room. This dedication to providing the customer with the best possibility is part of Rossetto’s mission. It also plays a part as to why Rossetto is one of the top manufacturers in the world.

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