Contemporary Furniture by Tema Home at City Schemes in Greater Boston

Contemporary Furniture by Tema Home at City Schemes in Greater Boston

sally-oak-dining-chair-tema-homeWe are proud to present to our local Boston contemporary customers a new line from Portugal – Tema Home. With over 30 years of experience in the manufacturing of furniture, TemaHome is one of the most internationally renowned companies in the furniture and lifestyle industry. It first started off as Norema Portuguesa, the name given to the merger between the Norwegian Norema SA and the Portuguese Mendes Godinho SA. It gained fame and recognition around the world with the manufacturing of modular furniture. Their early product lines came about due to the blending of Norway’s technology and Portugal’s efficient methods.


In 1995, the Norwegian partners took complete ownership of the company and focused on the production of furniture and accessories for kitchens, living spaces and bathrooms. During this period, the company focused on its sales in Norway. By 2000, the British 3i group PLC took over a majority of the shares and changed the name to Tema. With one more change of leadership and another name change (this time to TemaHome), the company refocused on the international market.

This new focus on the worldwide market led to the employment of 135 professionals who work in a 17,000-square-meter production plant in Tomar. It also led to collaborative projects with award-winning designs of famous Portuguese designers, such as Fernando Brízio and Filipe Alarcão. With such visionaries behind the company, TemaHome produces a collection of contemporary furniture and stylish accessories that are available in over 30 different countries around the world.


From TemaHome’s desks to their beds, you can expect excellent detail, innovative design and versatility. When choosing between tables, one can go for the Harbour in order to combine style with practicality, as the table uses a shelving cabinet as one of its bases. One may also choose the modern and slim design of the Flow to visually open up a space. This range can be found in each of TemaHome’s product categories and ensures that you will find the right piece of furniture for your home.

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