Contemporary Dining Tables by Modloft at City Schemes

Contemporary Dining Tables by Modloft at City Schemes

A dining table is one of the most important pieces of furniture that goes into a home. This is especially true for people who have a large family or host many social gatherings. It is the initial piece of furniture that brings families and groups together when food is involved, and it is capable of telling a lot about the inner life of the homeowner. With such a role in the home, a dining table must be capable of encouraging conversation and comfortable enough for people to stay seated at for a long period of time. City Schemes Contemporary Furniture would like to present to you an innovative brand, Modloft. Their sleek designs make their pieces adaptable to any living space.


Modloft’s passion for creating lush urban furniture that is affordable for any homeowner continues in its lineup of dining tables. Its team of designers from around the world craft innovative pieces that incorporate sleek lines, glossy finishes and the highest-quality materials. Such dedication has led to an assortment of elegant dining tables that can modernize any dining space or kitchen.


The BEECH square dining table is perfect for grounding an area with a sense of peace and comfort. With its painted glass tabletop, it has a vibrant feel and encourages a place for one to stop and collect your thoughts. The GREENWICH dining table on the other hand blends strength and softness in order to create a yin-yang vibe in any room. Its powerful U-shaped base grips the room while its walnut frame adds the warmth of wood. For an ultramodern look that creates space and reflects a lot of light, the WATERLOO table is a top contender. The single band of brass across the base powerfully ignites the gloss white lacquer of the tulip-shaped base.

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