Contemporary Beds by Modloft

Contemporary Beds by Modloft

leather-bed-modloft-city-schemesModloft is known around the world for its luxurious creations of urban furniture. Working with a handpicked team of international designers, Modloft consistently creates stylish, contemporary and immaculate pieces for any modern home. Through its diligence it has grown tremendously since 2005.

Its dedication to comfort, luxury and the current times is on full display in the lineup of beds it produces. Each bed is built with contemporary tastes in mind. The low frames and sleek lines confirm Modloft’s dedication to creating pieces that will innovate the modern realm of interior design.

madison-leather-bed-modloft-city-schemesCrafting beds with intricate contours and an array of materials, Modloft provides an assortment unlike any other product line. The MADISON uses an intricately woven eco pelle headboard with a matching low frame to maintain a simple, yet versatile elegance. To ensure a comfortable deep sleep for the customer, one can choose between an inner-spring or foam mattress to dip into. The MONROE design offers the warmth of wood into your bedroom while maintaining the slender contours that speak so well to the modern era. This blend of the old with the new creates a feeling of inner peace and allows for a variety of possibilities when choosing other furniture for the bedroom.

Beds are meant to be the most comfortable piece of furniture in a home. They are our ultimate sanctuaries from the worries of the day. A bed is the one place where a person can completely relax and being able to get a full night’s rest is essential to having a productive workday. Find the perfect bed today at City Schemes Contemporary Furniture. We service the Greater Boston area and will work with you to find the perfect Modloft piece for your room.

Manufacturing with the utmost care and using environmentally friendly methods, Modloft makes sure that each product will meet the satisfaction of its customers. A bed by Modloft is a guarantee of incomparable comfort that will allow you to find a sense of peace at the end of the day.

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