Configuration 10, Italian Bathroom Vanity

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Dimensions 18.8"H x 41.3"W x 14.5"D
We are proud to present our new line of premium bathroom vanities which are designed, produced, and imported from Italy. These vanities are crafted using diverse & eclectic architectural processes to achieve the finest in hand made quality. These premium vanities are consistent from start to finish with the quality & safety in mind. All Velaing vanity bases are provided with a hook system that avoids the accidental detaching of the furniture. All mirrors are shatter proof and in case of accidental breaking will web as opposed to shatter to prevent injury. The edging of the panels are 1 mm thick to guarantee excellent insulation from water and a strong resistance to temperature changes. All holes on the wood are insulated with "rubber elastic" which creates an insulating barrier from moisture. These pieces cannot be simply classified as unique and distinctive, but also set the bar for premium vanities.

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