Status Caprice Bedroom Set in Walnut by Noci Design

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Set Piece Price Width " Depth " Height "
Status Caprice Walnut QS Bed 71 89 46
Needs Wooden Frame Q.S.
Wooden Slat Frame, Queens Size, folded in 2 parts, with 6 legs, 150x200 30*2 79 11
Status Caprice Walnut KS Bed 88 89 46
Needs Wooden Frame K.S.
Wooden Slat Frame, King Size folded in 2 parts with 6 legs 193x200 38*2 79 11
Status Caprice Walnut Nightstand 25 17 19
Status Caprice Walnut Dresser 74 20 31
Status Caprice Walnut Mirror 42.5 2 39.5
Status Caprice Walnut Chest 39 19.5 51.5

This Set Collection has a modern feel and look. The finish is a high gloss Walnut finish. The Collection brings the modern crisp look and feel with classy artificial crocodile skin accents. The collection gives the room a rich, clean look and an open airy feel. The Bedroom Set with Sleigh Bed consists of Queen Size Bed, 2 Nightstands, Dresser and Mirror. Also available in King Size. The 5-Drawer Chest is an optional items. Straight panels are in chipboard, then veneered (veneer being a thin layer of solid wood); then the veneers are lacquered using a 6 steps/layers of UV high gloss polyester lacquer. Manufactured according to European and international standards.

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