Prestige Classic Bedroom Set by Noci Design

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Set Piece Price Width " Depth " Height "
Prestige Classic QS Bed Call For Price 83 85 49
Needs wframe Q.S.
Prestige Classic KS Bed Call For Price 102 85 49
Needs wframe K.S.
QS Wooden Slats Frame Call For Price 60 79 11
KS Wooden Slats Frame Call For Price 38*2 79 11
Prestige Nightstand Call For Price 27 16 22
Prestige Dresser Call For Price 68 19 33
Prestige Mirror Call For Price 40 1 40
Prestige Chest Call For Price 36 16 52
2-Door Wardrobe Call For Price 42.9 23.6 90.6
3-Door Wardrobe Call For Price 64.2 23.6 90.6
4-Door Wardrobe Call For Price 85 23.6 90.6
5-Door Wardrobe Call For Price 106.3 23.6 90.6
6-Door Wardrobe Call For Price 127.2 23.6 90.6
Vanity Dresser Call For Price
Vanity Chair Call For Price

This collection has a modern feel and look. The finish is a high gloss lacquered cognac birch finish. The Collection brings the modern crisp look and feel with simple satin metal brushed pulls and legs. The collection gives the room a rich, clean look and an open airy feel. The Bedroom Set with Sleigh Bed consists of Queen Size Bed, Nightstand, Dresser and Mirror. The Bed is available in Queen and King Sizes. The 5-Drawer Chest is an optional items.Straight panels are in chipboard, then veneered (veneer being a thin layer of solid wood); then the veneers are lacquered using a 6 steps/layers of UV high gloss polyester lacquer. Manufactured according to European and international standards.

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