Bordo Modern Bedroom Set by Noci Design

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Set Piece Price Width " Depth " Height "
Bordo Bed F.S. Call For Price 66 86.5 41
Needs Wooden Slat Frame
Bordo Bed Q.S. Call For Price 74 90.5 41
Needs Wooden Slat Frame
Bordo Nightstand Call For Price 20 15 15
Bordo Single Dresser Call For Price 46 18.5 30
Bordo Mirror Call For Price 40 1 32
Bordo Chest Call For Price 20 18.5 43
Bordo 2-Door Wardrobe Call For Price 34 21.5 83
Bordo 4-Door Wardrobe Call For Price 68 22 83.5
Bordo Double Dresser Call For Price 59 18.5 30
Wooden Slats Frame QS Call For Price 60 79 11
Wooden Slats Frame FS Call For Price 55 75 11

If you want a European bedroom that looks modern then this set is a sophisticated match for your taste. Every single piece is created in Italy. The intricate ornaments will not go ignored. The bed is an elegant beauty which is obvious by the mere sight of its long straight clean lines. Optional double dresser and a 4-Door wardrobe can be ordered for your convenience. Made in Italy.

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