Chateau d’Ax – Italian Leather Craftsmanship

Chateau d’Ax – Italian Leather Craftsmanship

seagull-sofa-chateau-dax-6For more than 60 years Chateau d’Ax has been one of the premier furniture manufacturers in the world. Its position at the top has been kept year after year due to the diligence performed at every stage of production. Increasing quality, distribution range, brand recognition and customer service uniformly over the years has ensured a loyal client base and strong partnerships.

At Chateau d’Ax, the distinction of ‘Made in Italy’ has been a title earned through family tradition. It is their belief that everything is born of the family and thus it is the family that teaches knowledge and craft. This belief has stood against the test of time as the company remains to be one of the most reliable sources of luxury furniture.

City Schemes’ is a proud distributor of Chateau d’Ax, servicing the Greater Boston area. Chateau d’Ax’s innovative design makes it one of the most distinguishable line that we carry.

Every product by Chateau d’Ax is the culmination of dedicated craftsmanship, detail for quality, care for the customer, innovation and comfort. They understand that the home acts as a reflection of personal tastes and mirrors the lifestyle of the owners. Rooms coordinating wood elements recommend traditional tastes and a desire for comfort, while glass counters suggest elegance and modernity. The members of Chateau d’Ax intensively study the art of design in order to create masterpieces that can capture any essence.

atlantic-sectional-chateau-dax1The versatility shown in the company’s collections is one of its strongest calling cards. The range of luxury sofas, sectionals, loveseats, chairs and ottomans showcases the company’s desire to provide elegance and comfort for their customers. The Alden Power-Reclining Sofa has pillow arms and a generous seating depth while featuring contemporary topstitching to maximize modern sensibilities. The Adam demonstrates a high backrest and elegant seams while allowing the customer to choose the material. The eye for detail that Chateau d’Ax displays with each of their products shows not only a dedication to the craft, but to the customer as well.

Having become an international force, Chateau d’Ax intimately understands the need for a loyal customer base. Offering a plethora of choices in color and finishes and using only the highest-quality materials are a few of the ways that the company focuses on customer satisfaction.

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