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Canadian furniture manufacturing giant known as Huppé currently operates inside of a metropolitan building within a commercial industrial park providing a wide range of home and office furniture. However, this business once began humbly within a basement by a family of three brothers named Raymond, Aurèle and Sylvio Hamel. They started with the solid design of an elegantly crafted cedar chest and a plan to become a household name. Gradually expanding from one place to another, Huppé grew as a company while adding a variety of other modern furnishings to serve local, regional and eventually national clientele with an unwavering vision of endless possibilities.

Understanding the consumer’s prevailing propensity toward an interior aesthetic of contemporary minimalism, Huppé created the Plank QUEEN Upholstered Storage Bed with a show stopping wide headboard of solid birch. With absolute intrigue, it not only delivers the unmitigated comfort one would expect from Huppé crafted products, but also, this levitating oasis of slumber provides a fashionable answer to a common quandary. The spacious and unexpected compartment hidden beneath the mattress within the base of the fabric or leather wrapped platform offers discreet containment for the storage of additional pillows, linens or other personal items.

Huppé is also revered for blending function with expressive design as indicated with the ILLUSION 60” SIDEBOARD/Buffet. This cutting-edge rendering of unconventional creativity stands authoritatively as a fascinating work of art with its dimensional austerity and the rural charm of its smoked oak constitution. Behind the low profile cabinet doors is the stylish concealment for serving dishes, dining linens or related room ornamentation while the sliding drawers offer the ideal organizational compartment for cutlery or items of ambient illumination.

Appropriately named, the ESCAPE 56″ Media Base with Lacquered Sliding Top provides the optimal escape to a world of riveting entertainment with its extendable TV base and L-shaped lacquered top. The asymmetric resolution of this mesmerizing piece transforms it from a media station to a captivating focal point for all to enjoy. The accessible storage options allow for media components and accessories to function unobtrusively while the sliding top acts as a mobile TV stand smoothly moving in multiple directions to ensure the most favorable viewing from every room vantage point.

Although the Hamel family eventually stepped down after many years in the business, the current owner, Jean-François Nolin runs Huppé today in Quebec with the same dedication and hope that the Hamel brothers had when they started out in 1967. Helping families to create their perfect living spaces with spectacular contemporary furniture that not only beautifies their surroundings, but also meets their every need continues to be the Huppé vision.


The inherent values that originated from the Nicoletti family have beat continuously through the heart of their global brand from their humble beginnings over 40 years ago to their burgeoning worldwide success featuring 100% Italian made furnishings. With an unwavering commitment to the use of raw materials and the authenticity of traditional craftsmanship, this enterprising pioneer reaches beyond the standard mode of manufacturing to accommodate the distinctive needs of every consumer with customized design and contemporary originality. Ubiquitous accessibility is an essential factor in customer acquisition and retention to ensure that every household can afford to enjoy the bonding nature of every furniture component available from Nicoletti’s extensive selection.

During the early years of growth at Nicoletti, sofas were the sole products within their merchandise line, as their objective was to create a lasting living room focal piece where the entire family could gather and connect on a daily basis regardless of economic status. The PASSION Sofa is a perfect way to honor Nicoletti’s timeless business model with its refined silhouette and natural fluidity. Choosing from the most decadent interior and exterior materials possible, this leather wrapped vessel of suavity showcases an invigorating relationship between its tactility and human sensibilities with the addition of adjustable headrests for optimal comfort and wooden armrest accents to elevate its visual appeal.

As a lavish departure from their conventional sofa styles, the Francy Leather (or Fabric) Sectional maintains the delicate balance between design and comfort that Nicoletti endeavors to preserve offering another level of functionality. Operating as multiple pieces in one space creates a versatile setting or allows adaptation to a room’s unique dimensions with individuality. Connected, this foam padded structure conquers its surroundings with stately prevalence and curvaceous elegance for a touch of diversity. These options are the cornerstone of Nicoletti’s philosophy giving consumers the ability to fashion their living spaces according to specific household needs, style preferences, and enjoyment.

With a desire to provide a more comprehensive experience, Nicoletti’s research and development team continues to work closely with buyers and distributers, maintaining an understanding of the ever-changing global markets while taking the time to learn about today’s consumers. Applying that knowledge to their innovative process, Nicoletti was able to take their designs a step further when they began to combine sleek residential seating with luxurious sleeping components. The convertible simplicity and expressive style of the Alcova 3 Seat Leather Sleeper Sofa Bed embodies this fitting fusion with its insatiable upholstery and structural composition. Known for the richness of earthy and neutral tones, this masterpiece was created with vibrant pigmentation to introduce depth and variety to its environment while drawing attention to its self-contained open and close function.

Every aspect of Nicoletti’s signature design and craftsmanship reflects their mission to provide affordable luxury through the utilization of sustainable building materials, premium upholstery, and cohesive precision while always devoted to the importance of family in business and at home.

LED lighting KONCEPT : a new look at modern LED lamps in Boston

City Schemes is proud to be the first furniture store in Massachusetts to display and offer to it’s customers a new LED lighting concept by California based  KONCEPT light manufacturer.

The company was established in 2002 and since then scored to it’s record 46 international design and manufacturing awards from all over the globe. The flagship model Z-BAR displayed in our Somerville, MA store as a floor lamp and as a desk lamp.

Also we display entire range of KONCEPT’s floor lamps. High quality, elegant unique design and modern look makes KONCEPT lighting a natural choice for City Schemes customer  s who demand the best.


Contemporary urban dining tables by SoHO Concept

Tables have played a role in interior décor for centuries. They act as a unit in the home to bring people together. Though practically every type of table can serve this purpose, the dining table is particularly meant for such a role. A dining table acts as a centerpiece to a room, when compared to other types tables, and so it has the most power when it comes to creating a space for family and friends to come together in comfort.

Dining tables are especially suited for this role in both size and design. The average size of a dining table makes it particularly perfect for a large group to come together and have enough space to be seated in a communal fashion without feeling like anyone’s personal space is being invaded.

Dining tables are also able to handle such a function in the home because, in today’s market, manufacturers incorporate a range of designs when creating dining tables. Such focus on style allows dining tables to act as an extension of one’s personality. When a dining table fits the owner’s particular preference it becomes more welcoming.

sohoConcept understands all the subtleties that come along with a dining table. They understand the importance of size, shape and design influences when it comes to creating a personalized and yet social atmosphere. The Tango Table with a white lacquer top captures the zeal around modern and contemporary styles with its color, slim base and circular shape. However, the Tango Table with wood fits more comfortably inside a cozy and casual setting, due to the warmth of its wood top.

Having become a major player in the manufacturing industry since its inception in 2000, sohoConcept’s main focus is on contemporary trends. Its lineup of products, whether chairs or dining tables, captures a wide range of tastes and guarantees customer satisfaction.

Modern and contemporary office chairs by SoHo Modern

Whether you have built a home office for yourself or go to a nine-to-five job at a run-of-the-mill corporate building, your workspace is an area meant for productivity. Such spaces are specifically designed in order to enhance your work output and keep you focused. This is why offices include units like a desk, a desktop and cabinets. Another piece of furniture that plays an important role in pushing productivity in the office space is the office chair.

An office chair sets itself apart from dining chairs and recliners in both style and features. To begin, most office chairs will have rollers at their base to allow people to have easy maneuverability. Other standard touches that an office chair will include are lumbar support and an adjustable seat. These factors help people move about their space with ease in order to work at a high level for long periods of time.

sohoConcept has made a name for itself since it was founded in 2000. It is a company that consistently proves its ability to create a balance between style and function, and its range of office chairs is proof of that. Take the Tulip Office Arm Chair with its elegant body that is softened by its curved arms. It is perfect for an office space that wants to keep in touch with the most up-to-date styles. For a more modern and colorful workspace, the Adam Office Chair will fit in comfortably with its bold shape and sharp lines.

sohoConcept has a deep understanding of today’s workforce and the different ways that an office space can be set up. The company knows just how important each little piece of furniture is to creating a space that enables a strong work ethic. It is also aware of the way that little personal touches of style can help people feel more relaxed and comfortable throughout the workday.

Contemporary dining chair by SohoConcept

Though chairs are not as essential as a bed or counter, they do play an extremely important role in the house. They provide any space with a sense of coziness, because they act as a welcoming tool, an invitation to make yourself comfortable in a home. Just try to imagine going to a friend’s home for dinner and finding the dining table without any chairs set about it. It would be difficult to feel welcomed into the home.

Despite chairs serving such a utilitarian function in the house, manufacturers create a broad lineup of styles. This is because chairs can, as they generally do, fit in a variety of settings. There are general styles that better conform to a dining set than they would to an office space. One can see that sohoConcept understands this by looking at the company’s wide range of dining chairs.

Founded in 2000, sohoConcept has become a renowned manufacturing company. Its focus is providing customers with clean-lined furniture made from the highest-quality materials, guaranteed to last a long time. This mission helps sohoConcept take on modern and contemporary styles. The straightforward designs allow the company to be bold with color patterns and create visually aggressive pieces of furniture.

Such design styles are on full display in sohoConcept’s lineup of modern dining chairs. The Prada Fully Upholstered Dining Chair features a curved back that contrasts heavily with its slim base, making it perfect for a modern setting. For a more contemporary space, the Polo Flat Dining Chair is perfect with its sleek frame and open body. Despite being able to make a statement with any of its products, sohoConcept can also provide more neutral pieces of furniture for a casual environment, such as the Polo Sled Dining Chair.

Livingroom Contemporary Sofas by SohoConcept BNT

Sofas capture the heart of the home. Even the most modern and trendy sofas inherently exude a sense of warmth. They are one of the primary pieces of furniture that help bring people together. Whether it is a couple trying to have an intimate moment or an entire gathering of friends, a sofa provides the space and comfort needed for these situations to go smoothly. Due to a sofa’s ability to handle so many different types of social situations, the style and size of your sofa can say a lot about you.

sohoConcept understands the different hints that a sofa can drop about its owner. A small two-seater sofa will suggest someone who is private and most likely does not have kids, while a sectional suggests someone who really enjoys being able to fully relax with friends or family.

In order to provide for the various tastes of its customer base, sohoConcept provides a diverse lineup of sofas. For a room that needs a touch of elegance, take a look at the Taxim Sectional Sofa with its buttoned seats and straight lines. The Laguna Sofa is the epitome of the contemporary age with its sleek body and slim legs. It proves the power of minimalist design. To add a special twist to your home, the curved body and unique contours of the Harmony Sofa will stand out in any space. No matter what style you are going for, sohoConcept has a design to fit your preference.

As a company that began in 2000 and has made a name for itself in less than 20 years, sohoConcept understands the trends of today’s society better than most companies. With a renowned team of designers, each of sohoConcept’s products showcases long-term durability, thanks to the use of high-quality materials and a clean-lined structure. Guarantee you’re satisfied with a sofa from sohoConcept.

Living room chairs and loungers by W.Schillig

giuudita-54820-high-back-chair-by-w-schillig-newThough many people might initially overlook the importance of a chair, chairs do play a vital role in the home. They accentuate the vibe of a table or counter by extending aesthetic influences, and they also provide a means to connect different elements of a room together. On a more direct level, they are the furniture that helps keep family dinners or a dinner party going. Having a comfortable chair keeps people seated and relaxed so that they can enjoy a whole meal without having to move.

The functionality of chairs cannot be understated and W. Schillig understands this. However, a chair’s functionality does not force its shape or style to be simple. As chairs play such a unique role in the household, manufacturers tend to create a diverse lineup of chairs to meet the many different preferences of its customer base. The perfect combination of function and style can be seen in the expansive lineup of contemporary chairs that the company has available.

No matter which type of setting you are trying to create, whether modern or traditional, W. Schillig has a chair to match your personal preference. The WOOW Tufted Lounge Glider Chair is perfect as a standalone piece in a modern setting with its slim and curved body. The STAN Chair works perfectly in both residential and corporate spaces with its chrome base and the option to come armless. To help extend a cozier vibe, one cannot go wrong with choosing the Nino Swivel & Glider Chair. Its curved back and thick seat create an enclosed and comfortable space.

With over 1,200 employees and 70 years of market experience, W. Schillig creates chairs that are the epitome of style and comfort. With each chair from W. Schillig you are guaranteed “The Ultimate in Comfort.”

City Schemes has the best selling chairs and loungers from W.Schillig on display in Somerville showroom.

Leather and Fabric Sofas / Sectionals by W.Schillig in Boston

Outside of the bed, a sofa is the most important and comfortable piece of furniture in the home. It is one of the central pieces of furniture when dictating a room’s style and it also plays a role in deciding the level of functionality of a room. This is because of the many responsibilities that a sofa can take on in the home, which can be determined heavily by the party size that the sofa can accommodate. A two-seater sofa sets a more intimate atmosphere while a sectional is for those who like to entertain large gatherings.

The planned function for a sofa home dictates its appearance and size in the home. However, the level of comfort should always be maintained. This is something that W. Schillig believes in tremendously. As a company that has remained a powerful force in the industry for 70 years, W. Schillig has consistently created innovative sofas and other pieces of furniture that maximize comfort. Its team of over 1,200 employees craft top-quality sofas that will live up the company’s slogan: “The Ultimate in Comfort.”

With your comfort guaranteed, the only real choice is deciding which sofa best suits the environment that you want to create. W. Schillig has a wide and diverse selection to help make sure that you can find exactly what you are looking for. If you are trying to design a room around a more modern style, then look at the bold and stylish Boow Sectional. Its straightforward aesthetic and slim legs help it stand out in multiple settings. For a more contemporary setting that maximizes luxury and the current trends, the Allie Power Motional Sectional is a beautiful piece to take home. For a homeowner that wishes to create a more vintage or cozy environment, the Heidelberg Sectional makes a perfect statement with its low body and wide seats.

City Schemes is authorized dealer of W.Schillig in greater Boston area and has a wide range of their products on display.

Leather Beds from European manufacturer – W.Schillig

Beds are one of the most important pieces of furniture in any household. They’re the epitome of comfort, and we tend to spend around a third of a day in them. They are the pieces of furniture we daydream about after a long day at work. They are the sanctuary that allows us to finally let our guards down and fully relax. Though people from time to time will use a couch or a comfortable recliner to sleep, nothing can beat out the enduring comfort of a bed. Sooner or later, that sofa or that chair just will not be providing the perfect support and you will return to your bed.

Founded in 1949, W. Schillig has been a company dedicated to creating unique and contemporary pieces of furniture that will let you relax. The company’s slogan is, after all, “The Ultimate in Comfort.” Ensuring the truth of this statement is an infrastructure of over 1,200 employees and 70 years of experience in the business. This is why there is no better manufacturer than W. Schillig when it comes to beds. No other manufacturer can guarantee comfort like W. Schillig.

The team at W. Schillig does everything in its power to make sure that your bed is both durable and stylish. They choose from only top-quality materials in order to create a lineup of beds that can fit in a variety of settings. The Francesca II Platform Bed features clean lines and an elegant buttoned headrest, which works well in a more refined space. For a more contemporary household, one should look no further than the slim frame and angled headrest of the Chiara Platform Bed. Whether it is a modern room or a more traditional setting that you are trying to set up, W. Schillig has a stylish bed for you to take home.