Calligaris – Italian Smart Design since 1923

Calligaris – Italian Smart Design since 1923

calligaris-store-milanoCalligaris, one of the largest and most renowned manufacturers of Italian furniture in the world, began under the attentive eye of Antonio Calligaris in the Manzano area of Friuli. During this beginning period, the company’s artisanal craft was focused on producing a singular and outstanding product: the Marocca chair.

Still a favorite among consumers and consistently in the lineup, the Marocca chair is dignified with a sturdy wooden frame, curved legs and a hand-woven rush seat. Thecalligaris-store-inside attention to detail and artistry that Calligaris showed with their earliest products allowed them to become leaders of a region titled “the chair district” as technology developed and industrial levels of productions became possible.

No matter the technological advancement though, Calligaris keeps true to quality over quantity. Whether it is the Basil bar stool or Dixie double bed, each product must meet intensive requirements, as the Calligaris brand is equivalent to perfection. Designers of the upmost skill take care to produce products that incorporate the Italian tradition, blend utility and aesthetic as well as push contemporary tastes. These are the qualities that keep Calligaris at the cusp of innovation.

cartesio-cs4092-r-200-live-edge-wood-table-with-metal-base-by-calligaris-italyAs such, technology has only been a means for Calligaris to implement new ideas and extend its craft into other products. Since 1986, when Alessandro Calligaris took over the company, new materials, such as metal and plastic, started to be used and the range of products extended to tables, beds, sofas, furnishing and accessories.

Having been a leader in its market for over 90 years, Calligaris understands that success is impossible without the customer. A founding principle of the company is accessibility and this refers to the creation of furniture that is fairly priced and can be brought into any setting. City Schemes is a provider of Calligaris furniture in the Greater Boston area, visit us today to see the many Calligaris products we have on display.  It is this type of dedication to both customer and craft that has created the Calligaris company of today, with 600 employees, subsidiaries in four countries and a distribution of over 800 products in 90 countries.

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