Author - Lita Vongsavanh

Chateau d’Ax: Achieving Monumental Quality Through The Smallest Details

For sixty years, Chateau d’Ax has contributed to the high fashion of international furniture design through artisan mastery and traditional elegance, beyond the vacillating and vanishing trends, and with reverence to the Italian style of living. Chateau d’Ax does not consider a chair or a sofa to be a mere seating structure, but rather a safe haven of warmth and comfort where families can decompress, release the stress and strain of daily routine, and reconnect with one another without limitation. The success of the Chateau d’Ax experience originates from their ability to recognize true beauty in every detail from start to finish creating a comprehensive product that reaches the consumer on an emotional level.

A simple stitching element echoed throughout an entire piece can add transformative value to its character and function as shown with the Clarissa Power Reclining Sofa with chaise lounger. This furrowed effect creates depth enhancing beauty with its quilted panels and emphasized foam cushion padding. In addition, Chateau d’Ax chose to incorporate a subtle sloped angle in the design of the backrests and armrests to capture the eye while offering ergonomic positioning. Those enticing nuances set this creation apart from standard furnishings to transcend customer satisfaction.

The Indianapolis Power Reclining Sofa by Chateau d’Ax is an imposing model of absolute grandeur with its ever-present contemporary demeanor, room shaping delineation, and adjustable motion features within the power reclining chair and adjustable headrests. However, it is the hidden traits that elevate this remarkable treasure to a much higher level from the interior filling of high density polyurethane foam ensuring plush comfort for its inhabitants to the intricate elastic webbing suspension system built directly into the core of those foam seat and back cushions for unsurpassed resilience.

The slight cradling effect of the Belen Swivel Armchair by Chateau d’Ax with its 360 degree rotation and its classic bearing are the key components that invite users to slip into its ageless indulgence. Sitting with the unyielding durability of its lavish leather exterior and flattering conveyance, this chair exhibits a loyal style of retrospective reminiscence that will exceed the bounds of time.

Chateau d’Ax takes pride in serving families on a global level while appealing to their varying sensibilities from the importance of environmental friendly practices as well as the quality and respectful handling of materials used to the endurance of the final product and the finishing details that transform those products into works of art.

Double Level Bunk Bed “Coupe” by Suinta, Spain

The “Coupe” by Suinta (Spain), is a unique modern sofa that converts into a double level bunk bed. This piece of furniture provides versatility and is ideal for customers with limited space. The Coupe is a perfect combination of design and functionality. Easy to assemble, you can convert the bunk bed back into a sofa within mere minutes when you have guests over.

The featured metallic system provides the sofa bed with a sleek design that will stand the test of time, as it is made of a high-resistance, anti-rust steel, finished with epoxy resin. The guardrails and sturdy ladder makes it safe and ideal for children. This unique sofa bed was designed with comfort in mind, you won’t lose any sleep as the memory foam mattress offers the utmost comfort.

Various configuration options are available, choose between fabric or leather, and a variety of color choices.

Visit City Schemes Contemporary Furniture show room located on 22 Kent St. in Somerville to try out the Coupe today along with other Suinta models we have on the floor on display.