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Calligaris – Italian Smart Design since 1923

calligaris-store-milanoCalligaris, one of the largest and most renowned manufacturers of Italian furniture in the world, began under the attentive eye of Antonio Calligaris in the Manzano area of Friuli. During this beginning period, the company’s artisanal craft was focused on producing a singular and outstanding product: the Marocca chair.

Still a favorite among consumers and consistently in the lineup, the Marocca chair is dignified with a sturdy wooden frame, curved legs and a hand-woven rush seat. Thecalligaris-store-inside attention to detail and artistry that Calligaris showed with their earliest products allowed them to become leaders of a region titled “the chair district” as technology developed and industrial levels of productions became possible.

No matter the technological advancement though, Calligaris keeps true to quality over quantity. Whether it is the Basil bar stool or Dixie double bed, each product must meet intensive requirements, as the Calligaris brand is equivalent to perfection. Designers of the upmost skill take care to produce products that incorporate the Italian tradition, blend utility and aesthetic as well as push contemporary tastes. These are the qualities that keep Calligaris at the cusp of innovation.

cartesio-cs4092-r-200-live-edge-wood-table-with-metal-base-by-calligaris-italyAs such, technology has only been a means for Calligaris to implement new ideas and extend its craft into other products. Since 1986, when Alessandro Calligaris took over the company, new materials, such as metal and plastic, started to be used and the range of products extended to tables, beds, sofas, furnishing and accessories.

Having been a leader in its market for over 90 years, Calligaris understands that success is impossible without the customer. A founding principle of the company is accessibility and this refers to the creation of furniture that is fairly priced and can be brought into any setting. City Schemes is a provider of Calligaris furniture in the Greater Boston area, visit us today to see the many Calligaris products we have on display.  It is this type of dedication to both customer and craft that has created the Calligaris company of today, with 600 employees, subsidiaries in four countries and a distribution of over 800 products in 90 countries.

ROSSETTO – Proudly Designed and Made in Italy

rossetto-brand-furnitue-1Rossetto has been a significant, international player for fine Italian interiors over the past 50 years. Known around the world for its detailed approach to furniture, few manufacturers can compare with the artistry infused in each product. Which is why, City Schemes Contemporary Furniture is a distributor. Their unique furniture pieces make them highly acclaimed. Servicing the Greater Boston area, find your Rossetto furniture today. Searching for a harmony between material and form, Rossetto designers put heart and soul into their craft. This is an unavoidable truth for any who have held the pleasure of purchasing Rossetto’s handcrafted material.

rossetto-brand-furnitue-2Understanding the history and tradition of brands that are tagged with “Made in Italy,” Rossetto enforces strict quality checks for all materials and steps involved in the production process. Several factors play a part in the company’s dedication to detail. First is keeping to the Italian tradition of using only the finest materials and ensuring a balance between function and style. The second is maintaining an ethical approach to production by using only environmentally friendly materials. This rule applies to each product, from chairs to beds. The third factor that is integral to everything Rossetto manufactures is dedication to customer satisfaction.

The only aspect of business that trumps Rossetto’s regard for each product is the customer. Rossetto understands that it has only been able to thrive for so long in such a competitive market due to its base of customers. A healthy and prosperous relationship between consumer and producer is the only way a company can truly expand. By caring for the costumer and putting their needs first, Rossetto has found a base to support its more innovative and risqué designs.

Thus, Rossetto refuses to put anything before the customers without adhering to rigorous standards, whether it is using environmentally-friendly materials or testing wooden support and allowing customizable options. Such practice secures Rossetto’s foothold in the market and will allow them to be on the frontier of future designs.


German Engineering in sofas – W.Schillig

Founded in 1949, W.Schillig began as a small basketry in Ehersdorf, Germany. His line of products at the time consisted of linen chests and wicker chairs. From those humble beginnings, W.Schillig now has over 1,200 employees manufacturing top-quality sofas, sectionals, chairs and more. This 67-year-old business has been able to grow into an international powerhouse because of its dedication to quality and comfort for the customer. Due to their reputation, City Schemes is proud to showcase W. Schillig models on our floor. Servicing the Greater Boston area, we only provide the highest quality of furniture!

carousel-51296-sectional-by-w-schillig-2In fact, W.Schillig’s current slogan is “The Ultimate in Comfort,” and the company ensures that each product meets this promise. By choosing only the best quality materials, from its selection of leathers to choice of fabrics, as well as having a team of master craftsmen, W.Schilling is able to guarantee a supple and versatile product. Such production values have led to renowned leather sofa collections of modern design and exceptional quality that will satisfy any customer. 

montanaa-64250-sectional-by-w-schillig-2However, this is not the only part of the formula that has led the company to such success. Keeping true to the wisdom and know-how of past generations when creating a product is a vital aspect, but it is not the only part of the company’s strategy. W.Schillig is able to continue its dominance in the upholstery business by continually reinventing itself while remaining a reliable partner and manufacturer. 

Through innovation, W.Schillig has kept up with the changing times and is consistently able to provide a lineup that appeals to consumers no matter what their personal preferences are. Ranging from the modern Modular Living sectionals to the antique contours of the Softlook series, collections by W.Schillig will have an item that fits your personal taste. 

This ability to transform and meet the demands of the customer has the added benefit of increasing the company’s reliability. People are able to trust in the brand’s name and its ability to meet their wishes. Earning such trust has always been a goal of W.Schillig, as holding such relationships between both partners and customers has proven to be the best routes for expansion.


Side Table Which is As Unique, As You…

natural-marble-top-1In the day and age of Home Goods and Wayfair, how can today’s homeowners set their spaces apart from millions of others? The way people furnish their home is often viewed as a reflection of  their personality, therefore it is very important that the spaces are well furnished and express each homeowner’s personal style.

For that very reason the demand from homeowners to create and design furniture is increasing. Customers no longer want to feel that they have to settle for “almost”.  With custom made pieces they don’t have to say “…if only it were a bit larger or a bit smaller”, “…if only it came in a different finish, different color, different stone”, “…if only it matched my color scheme better”……

natural-marble-top-2Consumers today, while eager to differentiate their spaces from others, are cost and time conscious. That’s why we believe that adding just a few custom designed pieces to a room can make a world of difference without the high cost or long layover time. Our custom made stone top tables are designed to do just that.  Our tables come in various sizes: coffee tables range from 30” to 36” in diameter; side and end tables range from 15” to 20”. We also make console and sofa tables. We use high quality marble, granite, slate, or natural quartz that come in 1.25” thickness for our table tops. The colors and and grains can be chosen from dozens of options, and therefore can be easily matched to any color scheme.

preparing-the-top-marble However, customizing furniture can present its own challenges. Custom made pieces come with a price tag, so furnishing the entire space with custom designed furniture can get expensive. Customizing furniture also takes time, and the wait for each piece can take months. But in the broader spectrum, the wait time is worth it once you receive your original piece. City Schemes Contemporary Furniture is the store in the Greater Boston area that can best assist you in customized furniture. With the help of our Sales personnel, we’ll help you create the perfect piece for your living space.



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