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Ekornes Stressless YOU recliners – the best display in Massachusetts

stressless-you-urban-round-glass-top-and-metal-frame-coffee-table-by-ekornes-2Recliners represent comfort and relaxation. They have always taken on such a role, and many people associate recliners with going to their grandparents’ home and watching their grandma or grandpa settle down into a recliner before watching TV or telling a story.

However, recliners have evolved over the years. To associate these luxurious chairs simply with an older generation is a disservice to yourself as much as it is to the piece of furniture. Today, you can easily find a diverse range of recliners. From bulkier classics to slim models with bolder colors, recliners are capable of fitting in any setting, whether it is more traditional or ultra modern. Despite all the changes in the appearances of recliners, designers still hold comfort as the main aspect of these chairs.

When it comes to building units that are supposed to maximize comfort, Ekornes is at the forefront of the industry. Founded in 1934, this company has constantly pushed itself to create the most comfortable furniture possible. Today, this Norwegian brand has patented the Blide Plus and ErgoAdapt systems to guarantee ease of setting and movement with their leather recliners. This technology has actually led Ekornes’ recliners to earn the distinction of an endorsement from the American Chiropractic Association.

You can have this level of comfort placed in your house thanks to the wide range of recliners that Ekornes manufactures. For a more traditional home, one cannot go wrong with the Stressless YOU James Leather Recliner with a wooden base. The wooden base helps ground the base and give it a slightly more aged feeling. The Stressless YOU Michael Leather Recliner with an aluminum base, on the other hand, is perfect for a more contemporary home. The thin metal base and slim contour of the chair create a much more fluid environment.

City Schemes has the entire collection of Ekornes Stressless YOU sofas and recliner on display – come visit us or call for more information.

Ekornes presents STRESSLESS YOU sofa in Boston

stressless-you-ekornes-julia-sectional-with-corner-and-highback-new-2Since being founded in 1934, Ekornes has always put a lot of time and focus toward creating the most comfortable furniture imaginable. This dedication toward constructing comfort has put Ekornes on the forefront of pioneering some of the most advanced furniture designs. This has been true of the company since its beginning. Only three years after the company began, Ekornes developed the Svane mattress that featured springs interlocked by steel coils.

Now, the sofa is one of the main pieces of furniture within any home. A sofa’s presence and characteristics can have a multitude of effects over an area. Nonetheless, its essence is one of communal relaxation. It is the place for a family to gather and enjoy a board game or television together. It is the area where guests will gather around during a dinner party. With such a multitude of roles in the home, the sofa must be comfortable and visually appealing.

Ekornes approach to the market has led it down the perfect path for manufacturing sofas that can function in a variety of environments, while still maintaining an incredible level of comfort. Take the Stressless YOU Julia Three-Seater Sofa, which has such clean and straightforward lines that it is ideal for any modern or contemporary setting. However, the range of color options and finishes allow this sofa to make its way into any type of setting. For a sofa that is more suited to luxurious and elegant tastes, one should take a look at the Stressless YOU Michelle Leather Sofa. Its leather seats and diamond-pattern stitch along the back effortlessly combine comfort and style.

With its two lines of distributions, Stressless and Stressless YOU, Ekornes ensures a diverse range of products. Such a lineup of luxurious and comfortable sofas that are specialized for the customer is proof of Ekornes’ desire to keep a strong and loyal customer base.

City Schemes is an official distributor of Stressless YOU line and has the entire line on display at 22 Kent st in Somerville, MA

Contemporary Apartment Size Sofa Sleepers by Innovation

zeal-daybed-by-innovation-living-2If you looking for an apartment size sofa which could be used also as a sleeper, visit city Schemes contemporary furniture store in Somerville, next to Boston. You will find a number of modern sofa beds and sleepers from Innovation Living on display. Innovation Living has been making its mark in the furniture industry since 1971. Its hallmarks have always been functionality and simplicity, as it follows the Danish tradition of design. To this end, the company strives to create durable pieces of furniture that effortlessly combine form and function.

Though Innovation Living made a name for itself in the industry quickly, it was not until 1989 that the company finally ventured into more international fame. This development came about as Innovation Living began to focus on the creation of multifunctional sofa beds. Today, the company has earned global fame as a sofa bed specialist due to its transition.

In each piece of furniture by Innovation Living there is a combination of visual appeal, comfort and functionality. All of this is generally achieved through minimalist designs that demonstrate the different ways simplicity can affect a room. Take the Buri Styletto Fabric Sleeper, for example, which has straight lines and a broad body that demands attention. Then there is the Dublexo Deluxe Fabric Sleeper, which has similar features, but provides a lighter touch to the room and will either blend in or redirect attention toward a more central piece of furniture.

Innovation Living can construct such pieces, because the company understands the roles that each piece of furniture plays and is able to show the diversity of being simple when it comes to interior design. In recent years, the company showcases just how far simple designs can go with the Splitback sofa and chairs, which can interact with one another in various ways.

Such designs, coupled with consistently affordable prices, show that Innovative Living cares about its customers. However, the company constantly gives its most to its customers in an array of other ways, which includes color options and incredible service.

Contemporary commercial design by SoHo Concept in Boston

dervish-wood-lounge-soho-concept_silver_camiraSince its start in 2000, sohoConcept has become one of the most recognized suppliers of modern and contemporary furniture. Its approach to the market has earned it a wide customer base. Each piece of furniture produced by sohoConcept is constructed with a few foundational principles in mind. The product must be produced in a way that ensures high quality and long-term durability while being presented in a clean-lined structure.

With its stellar staff of designers, sohoConcept not only manages to maintain such principles, but also produces furniture that can make its home in a variety of environments. Its lineup represents the trendy and modern for both commercial buildings and residences. From corporate offices to public spaces to homes, sohoConcept allows its modern style to make a statement in any type of setting.

The furniture that this company produces is the perfect mixture of stylish fashion and comfort. Tackling modern and contemporary trends, sohoConcept’s designs tend to bring a fresh color palette to an area. Bold reds, yellows and many more popping colors can be found in sohoConcept’s lineup. Such colors go extremely well with the range of chairs that the company has, such as the Dervish 4 Star Lounge Chair or the Chelsea X Chair. These chairs matched with a powerful color make an immediate statement. However, included in such diversity are an assortment of beiges and creams, which will help ensure a more neutral environment if desired. No matter what type of space you are trying to create and set up, sohoConcept has the answer to your interior needs.

The company has demonstrated over the years tremendous customer care with its diverse lineup that provides the customer with a plethora of options. However, sohoConcept’s dedication to the customer is most clearly shown in the price tag and quality that accompanies each product created. City Schemes in Somerville has multiple products from Soho Concept on display to provide you with the best choice of modern and contemporary furniture in Boston area.

Made in Italy – this is what IDP Italia is about.

funes-angolare-sectional-grayIDP Italia (Industria Divani e Poltrone) has been producing exquisite Italian leather products for over three decades. Since its inception, in 1981, IDP Italia has strived to maintain its initial goal of providing high-quality leather products that are entirely made in Italy. It is a straightforward goal, but one that has required relentless attention to detail. IDP Italia understood then, as it does now, that to have the “Made in Italy” mantle means to be uncompromising in its pursuit of elegance and quality.

Pursuing and maintaining its mission, IDP Italia has found itself at the forefront of the furniture industry. Its lineup of products goes through a sophisticated production process, which includes traditional Italian tanneries in order to meet the company’s high standards. Such dedication to producing top-of-the-line furniture is evident in each of the company’s products. From the Briana Leather Sectional, which features clean lines and an impressive body, to the Lissa Swivel Chair, with its buttoned back and wide seat, IDP Italia consistently demonstrates a fondness for elegant lines, ingenious designs and superior craftsmanship. With a large product line that covers chairs to sectionals to sofas, IDP Italia has the perfect piece of furniture for any type room in your home.

IDP Italia products displayed it City Schemes Contemporary Furniture in Greater Boston area, in Somerville.

With an affordable price tag accompanying each of IDP Italia’s products, the company has earned itself a large customer base. However, its dedication to the customer is not simply reflected in the price of its refined line up. One of the more particular features that sets IDP Italia apart from the competition, in terms of customer care, is the inclusion of its ratcheting headrest mechanism that is available in five locations and the built-in lumbar support. The company also gives the customer a wide range of options when it comes to picking the color any piece of furniture.

Modern Designer’s Lounge Chairs in Boston

sd153-sculpted-leather-brown-lounge-chair-3Lounge chairs are pieces of furniture that capture an essence of luxury and comfort in any home. They are the type of chair that immediately calls a person toward it. Their thick cushions, rounded arms and high backs promise immense comfort and support. On sight, a leather lounge chair can easily make one think of settling down to read a book, taking a little nap, watching a little television, enjoying a drink or a number of other leisurely activities.

Outside of being embodiments of comfort, lounge chairs can help enhance or mellow out a certain atmosphere. A fabric lounge chair with a wide and round body can easily take the edge off of a modern room and create a slightly cozier vibe. At the same time, a sleek leather lounge chair can further push a modern setting, especially if you have a set that goes along with an in-house bar. Either way, the addition of a lounge chair allows any type of room to become a place of relaxation.

Admittedly, the one aspect that most lounge chairs will impart into a room is a vintage quality. Even some of the most modern lounge chairs have a certain retro flair to them. This is in part because of the way that lounge chairs have been depicted in movies and television throughout the years. It is true that this presence on the screen has created a certain timelessness to lounge chairs, and yet they also provoke a feeling of times past.

Nonetheless, manufacturers do create a large selection of these comfortable, luxurious chairs, and a buyer can easily find a lounge chair that defies this vintage quality. Between the range of styles and the consistent promise of comfort, one cannot go wrong when buying a lounge chair. It will be the perfect spot in your home to unwind after a long day.

Modern office desk…get the good one.

sequel-desk-by-bdi-city-schemesOffices are places that we have separated from the rest of the house as a means to create an environment of productivity. Such spaces have a unique identity and layout in order to set up such a divide between its inner space and the rest of the house. Though mainly used for work or production reasons, such spaces can also be used as small sanctuaries as they do separate us from the normal house or family duties that we must tackle on a daily basis.

The main feature that defines this space is the office desk. The office desk, in fact, is capable of creating the essence of an office space even when you do not have the ability to dedicate an entire room to such a project. This is because the office table acts as the headquarters for any space that is dedicated to working. The available space on a table lets you effectively organize your work in a way that allows for quick access to different materials. You can spread out several papers and map out which assignments should be done first.

By itself, the space that an office desk provides is quite handy. However, the effectiveness of an office table grows tremendously with the addition of other tools. To accessorize a table with a personal computer and shelves gives you a space to fully immerse yourself into your work. You can file away old work, while keeping it nearby and can use the computer for research purposes as well as correspondence with clients or coworkers.

For any professional, freelancer or not, having a space within the home to get work done can be crucial to ensuring peace of mind. Knowing that you do not need to run to the office over the weekend, because you have a file for your work at home is priceless.

City Schemes offers variety of modern office furniture, including modern office adjustable height desk.

Here you can find the entire collection of modern office desks.

Number One Father’s Day gift is… a reclining chair

fathers day recliner boston 1Recliner chairs blend the comfort of a couch with the mobility and versatility of a chair. With such a design focus, it is safe to say that recliners are the most comfortable type of chair a person can have in their home. Designers focus on creating this perfect balance of comfort and utility, because recliner chairs have a certain traditional placement inside a home. When one thinks of a recliner, one probably thinks of visits to a grandparent’s house where they would sit on the lap of their grandfather or grandmother as they told stories from the comfort of a recliner. The association of recliners with an older generation is understandable. These abodes of comfort were after all built specifically to ease joint pain and other such ailments that besiege the elderly.

Today, recliners still hold onto that legacy of being the most comfortable chair in a home. However, to assume that such chairs remain only tied to an older generation would be an injustice. Manufacturers are consistently refashioning recliners in order to capture younger and more modern sensibilities, without sacrificing the therapeutic comfort that they are known for. As such, you will see more with slimmer lines that will take up less space, and yet they will still provide a seat of pure relaxation to nestle into with a book. This level of comfort is also why many use such chairs in their personal home theaters to create the ultimate viewing experience.

To ensure comfort and ease of use, companies spend a lot of money researching and developing technology that allows the chair to adjust perfectly to your body. Not only to adjust to your body, but to react to it. These types of chairs are built with the means to assist people when getting up and more. As the perfect combination of comfort and technology, you cannot go wrong in buying a recliner for your home.

Buying a leather sofa…

b858-vincenzo-top-grain-leather-sofa-quick-ship-6Sofas make a statement. They hold their ground in the center of a room, demanding attention from anyone who enters the space. Such power is due to the many needs that a sofa meets for the home, both aesthetically and functionally. Due to their positioning, a sofa’s shape and color play one of the largest roles in defining the overall style and tone of a room. As a place for an entire family or group of friends to relax, a sofa must be comfortable and allow for ease of communication. This is why choosing a sofa that not only fits your needs but your preferences is paramount to creating a comfortable abode.

Leather sofas are the best ways to make a statement and create a truly comfortable area in the home. They demonstrate a desire for elegance while still blending into a variety of environments. They can find placement in traditional, stately, modern, contemporary and even vintage settings. This versatility is accompanied by the knowledge that a leather sofa is one of the most durable, comfortable and luxurious pieces of furniture.

When buying a leather sofa, you are guaranteed a piece of furniture that will last and form to your body. The supple nature of leather grants everyone a high level of comfort. It bends and forms to the body, and yet consistently stays firm and supportive. It is the perfect piece of furniture for just about any type of activity. Whether you wish to simply watch TV with the family, entertain a gathering of friends or read a book, a leather sofa will provide the right atmosphere. The final benefit of a leather sofa is that it is a piece of luxury furniture that will last for years to come, constantly providing you comfort and style on a daily basis.

European sofas in Boston – Fama Living. Made in Spain.

fama-boston-arianeSofas are essential pieces of furniture in any home. They allow a room to become a zone of comfort by giving the dependable comfort needed to let someone relax after a stressful day. They create a space that permits multiple people to come together, allowing for easy entertainment and family fun. If you are looking beyond usual – visit City Schemes – we will show you how unique your sofa or sectional may be – made in Europe per your size, color and configuration. Fama is our new introduction for Boston area.

Famaliving understands the importance of such functionality when it comes to sofas. People want and look for a sofa that allows the whole family to kick back. However, Famaliving pushes the boundary on the aesthetic appearance of a sofa. The company does not just set you up with your grandma’s antique couch. Famaliving pushes the envelope and creates vibrant and contemporary sofas that redefine what a living room can be. As a trendsetter and innovator, Famaliving boldly characterizes its sofas with intricate color schemes and unique contours that create a playful atmosphere.

Take the Urban Famaliving sofa. As a modular set with so many fabric options and a higher back and seat, it is capable of expanding over any space and infusing it with a certain unique style. The Indy Famaliving sofa bed is also capable of turning any space into a particularly special and individual space.

However, the company leaves the choice up to you. You can go for the playful fabrics that will make your entire room pop or you can keep the colors more common and maintain a more traditional style. Such a taste works quite well with products like the Helsinki Famaliving, which keeps true to the timeless and traditional style of Norwegian furniture. The choice is yours. With Famaliving it is easy to create a space that will capture your fun-loving nature and double as a play area; or you can stick with a style that reflects a more calm and neutral mindset. The amount of options that Famaliving provides makes it easy to find a sofa that matches your exact preference.

View largest Fama collection in Greater Boston here