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Contemporary commercial design by SoHo Concept in Boston

dervish-wood-lounge-soho-concept_silver_camiraSince its start in 2000, sohoConcept has become one of the most recognized suppliers of modern and contemporary furniture. Its approach to the market has earned it a wide customer base. Each piece of furniture produced by sohoConcept is constructed with a few foundational principles in mind. The product must be produced in a way that ensures high quality and long-term durability while being presented in a clean-lined structure.

With its stellar staff of designers, sohoConcept not only manages to maintain such principles, but also produces furniture that can make its home in a variety of environments. Its lineup represents the trendy and modern for both commercial buildings and residences. From corporate offices to public spaces to homes, sohoConcept allows its modern style to make a statement in any type of setting.

The furniture that this company produces is the perfect mixture of stylish fashion and comfort. Tackling modern and contemporary trends, sohoConcept’s designs tend to bring a fresh color palette to an area. Bold reds, yellows and many more popping colors can be found in sohoConcept’s lineup. Such colors go extremely well with the range of chairs that the company has, such as the Dervish 4 Star Lounge Chair or the Chelsea X Chair. These chairs matched with a powerful color make an immediate statement. However, included in such diversity are an assortment of beiges and creams, which will help ensure a more neutral environment if desired. No matter what type of space you are trying to create and set up, sohoConcept has the answer to your interior needs.

The company has demonstrated over the years tremendous customer care with its diverse lineup that provides the customer with a plethora of options. However, sohoConcept’s dedication to the customer is most clearly shown in the price tag and quality that accompanies each product created. City Schemes in Somerville has multiple products from Soho Concept on display to provide you with the best choice of modern and contemporary furniture in Boston area.

Made in Italy – this is what IDP Italia is about.

funes-angolare-sectional-grayIDP Italia (Industria Divani e Poltrone) has been producing exquisite Italian leather products for over three decades. Since its inception, in 1981, IDP Italia has strived to maintain its initial goal of providing high-quality leather products that are entirely made in Italy. It is a straightforward goal, but one that has required relentless attention to detail. IDP Italia understood then, as it does now, that to have the “Made in Italy” mantle means to be uncompromising in its pursuit of elegance and quality.

Pursuing and maintaining its mission, IDP Italia has found itself at the forefront of the furniture industry. Its lineup of products goes through a sophisticated production process, which includes traditional Italian tanneries in order to meet the company’s high standards. Such dedication to producing top-of-the-line furniture is evident in each of the company’s products. From the Briana Leather Sectional, which features clean lines and an impressive body, to the Lissa Swivel Chair, with its buttoned back and wide seat, IDP Italia consistently demonstrates a fondness for elegant lines, ingenious designs and superior craftsmanship. With a large product line that covers chairs to sectionals to sofas, IDP Italia has the perfect piece of furniture for any type room in your home.

IDP Italia products displayed it City Schemes Contemporary Furniture in Greater Boston area, in Somerville.

With an affordable price tag accompanying each of IDP Italia’s products, the company has earned itself a large customer base. However, its dedication to the customer is not simply reflected in the price of its refined line up. One of the more particular features that sets IDP Italia apart from the competition, in terms of customer care, is the inclusion of its ratcheting headrest mechanism that is available in five locations and the built-in lumbar support. The company also gives the customer a wide range of options when it comes to picking the color any piece of furniture.