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Buying a leather sofa…

b858-vincenzo-top-grain-leather-sofa-quick-ship-6Sofas make a statement. They hold their ground in the center of a room, demanding attention from anyone who enters the space. Such power is due to the many needs that a sofa meets for the home, both aesthetically and functionally. Due to their positioning, a sofa’s shape and color play one of the largest roles in defining the overall style and tone of a room. As a place for an entire family or group of friends to relax, a sofa must be comfortable and allow for ease of communication. This is why choosing a sofa that not only fits your needs but your preferences is paramount to creating a comfortable abode.

Leather sofas are the best ways to make a statement and create a truly comfortable area in the home. They demonstrate a desire for elegance while still blending into a variety of environments. They can find placement in traditional, stately, modern, contemporary and even vintage settings. This versatility is accompanied by the knowledge that a leather sofa is one of the most durable, comfortable and luxurious pieces of furniture.

When buying a leather sofa, you are guaranteed a piece of furniture that will last and form to your body. The supple nature of leather grants everyone a high level of comfort. It bends and forms to the body, and yet consistently stays firm and supportive. It is the perfect piece of furniture for just about any type of activity. Whether you wish to simply watch TV with the family, entertain a gathering of friends or read a book, a leather sofa will provide the right atmosphere. The final benefit of a leather sofa is that it is a piece of luxury furniture that will last for years to come, constantly providing you comfort and style on a daily basis.

European sofas in Boston – Fama Living. Made in Spain.

fama-boston-arianeSofas are essential pieces of furniture in any home. They allow a room to become a zone of comfort by giving the dependable comfort needed to let someone relax after a stressful day. They create a space that permits multiple people to come together, allowing for easy entertainment and family fun. If you are looking beyond usual – visit City Schemes – we will show you how unique your sofa or sectional may be – made in Europe per your size, color and configuration. Fama is our new introduction for Boston area.

Famaliving understands the importance of such functionality when it comes to sofas. People want and look for a sofa that allows the whole family to kick back. However, Famaliving pushes the boundary on the aesthetic appearance of a sofa. The company does not just set you up with your grandma’s antique couch. Famaliving pushes the envelope and creates vibrant and contemporary sofas that redefine what a living room can be. As a trendsetter and innovator, Famaliving boldly characterizes its sofas with intricate color schemes and unique contours that create a playful atmosphere.

Take the Urban Famaliving sofa. As a modular set with so many fabric options and a higher back and seat, it is capable of expanding over any space and infusing it with a certain unique style. The Indy Famaliving sofa bed is also capable of turning any space into a particularly special and individual space.

However, the company leaves the choice up to you. You can go for the playful fabrics that will make your entire room pop or you can keep the colors more common and maintain a more traditional style. Such a taste works quite well with products like the Helsinki Famaliving, which keeps true to the timeless and traditional style of Norwegian furniture. The choice is yours. With Famaliving it is easy to create a space that will capture your fun-loving nature and double as a play area; or you can stick with a style that reflects a more calm and neutral mindset. The amount of options that Famaliving provides makes it easy to find a sofa that matches your exact preference.

View largest Fama collection in Greater Boston here

Modern Living Room Chairs from Europe – FAMA Living

Being for 30 years a premier contemporary furniture destination in Somerville and Greater Boston area, City Schemes offers variety of contemporary living room occasional chairs form a European manufacturer – Fama Living.

For over 40 years, Famaliving has been innovating the way homeowners can infuse style in a room. This company takes pride in being a master of the modern aesthetic. Each piece of furniture constructed by Famaliving demands attention. Using a mixture of unique frames, inventive curves and dynamic fabrics, Famaliving captures the imagination with a boldness that few companies can compare to.

fama living chair boston

This dedication to style can be seen in a number of Famaliving’s product lines. This fact is especially true for Famaliving’s range of chairs. The Zipi and Zape chair set provide an impact despite the relative small size of the chairs. The chairs come in a range of elaborate and colorful fabrics and display a powerful contrast with their large seats and thin backs. Still modern and playful, the La Caracola chair represents a completely different style. Its rounded back and thin legs soften the vibe of a room.

Despite the company’s unique approach to the market, Famaliving is also able to catch the eyes of more traditional buyers. Many of its models follow a more common design and can be taken with an ordinary color scheme. The Elvis Famaliving is one such model by Famaliving. Its high armrests and ergonomic seat provide a simple comfort and can blend into multiple environments with ease.

Modern and fun are two words to describe the pieces of furniture that are designed and manufactured by the team at Famaliving. That is not to say that the designers at the company cannot capture more classical tastes, but the company earned its name through demolishing conventional ideas of design. The company’s furniture revolutionizes the way you can outfit a room. The available options with fabrics and design allow you to create carefree and playful rooms that can make it easy to bring a family together.

Our showroom in Somerville is open 7 days a week. Please, stop by for more details or call us 617-776-7777

Modern and Transitional Sofas and Sectionals By YOUNGER Furniture in Greater Boston

Younger dedicates itself to the construction of high-quality furniture that works for and with the family of the contemporary age. With its team of professionals, Younger focuses on designs that are comfortable and durable, without putting on any airs. Their pieces of furniture are also manufactured with easy-to-clean materials and have clean and simple lines. The culmination of these different components is a piece of furniture that provides the home with a simple elegance that does not feel cluttered or overly stuffy.

Younger Louie-Sofa at city schemes in Boston

One can see the small touches that Younger puts into each piece of furniture in order to maintain its brand’s unique image. From its sofas to its ottomans, Younger provides a consistently clean and urban look that can accommodate any space. The button-tufted back of the James sofa provides a certain sense of the modern age while maintaining a retro vibe. This stylistic approach makes this sofa perfect for both traditional and contemporary environments. The Studio Modular caters more toward a modern space with its bold colors and versatility. As a modular unit, it is capable of fitting within any room no matter the size and can fill up a space in a variety of arrangements.

younger-furniture-in-boston 1

The range that Younger displays with each product demonstrates the company’s attention to the customer. However, Younger goes one step beyond. In order to meet every customer’s needs Younger Solutions allows the buyer to create the best solution for his/her home. This service allows the customer to pick the seating options that best match their living space and lifestyle. From that point, the buyer can even choose their favorite back, arm, tailoring and legs styles. With this amount of customization at your hands, it is easy to set up an entire room or simply accessorize certain spaces according to your exact tastes.

City Schemes is one of the few contemporary showrooms in Boston area. We have selected items from Younger Furniture on display. The rest of this beautiful collection could be found here. Please, call us with any questions.

Greater Boston welcomes FAMALIVING Gallery at City Schemes – largest european contemporary furniture showroom in New England

Lexus sofa fama living bostonNow available in Boston area. FAMA Living is coming to New England. Since 1971, Famaliving has made it its mission to capture the taste of the contemporary customer. Its collections cater to those who desire the modern and most up-to-date styles. As a whole, one can see the modern touches in each category through the consistent use of bright and bold colors, eye-catching shapes and clean lines. Such flair not only helps distinguish a home with one’s unique taste, but creates a fun atmosphere for family and guests.

From the sofas to the tables, one can easily see the company’s love for modern aesthetics. The variety in Famaliving’s selection of chairs and recliners alone displays the company’s ability to capture every style in today’s age. The Moonrise Famalivng armchair emboldens a modern style with its circular form as well as provides a sense of enclosure and safety while guaranteeing comfort for the buyer. The Christie Famaliving maintains a traditional armchair form with a certain elegance thanks to its slender wooden legs that hold up thick cushions. For those seeking an ultra-modern piece of furniture, then look no farther than the Lenny Famaliving. This armchair is one of the most iconic pieces in the Famaliving lineup and features a unique mix of concave and convex curves that demand attention.

With a diverse lineup of products and over 600 different fabrics to choose from, Famaliving provides the customer with an ample amount of choices to ensure that one can create the style and atmosphere one wants to in his/her home. Pushing forward the company’s customer care is the fact that Famaliving’s sofas can be made-to-order in any size. One can customize their furniture to have a motorized recliner, adjustable headrests and even hidden storage. Caring for the customer’s needs in such an elaborate fashion is one of the contributing factors to Famaliving’s rise and success.

fama long sofa

Please, browse our FAMA LIVING collection at City Schemes – your Boston modern furniture showroom.

Modern Leather Recliners by Lafer at City Schemes

lafer leather recliner city schemesFor more than 80 years, LAFER has been manufacturing and selling high-end furniture across the world. Luxury and comfort are two words that go hand in hand with the company’s brand. Their collections have consistently shown off products that capture the essence of a refined style as well as ergonomics.

With its home in Brazil, LAFER has become a worldwide, respected name, particularly due to its creation of luxury recliners. This status has been earned mainly in the last 20 years, as the company has led the way in creating easy-to-use and innovative mobility systems in the market. LAFER’s advancements in technology complement their renowned passion for comfort and allows the company to manufacture ideal recliners.

The collections from LAFER include an assortment of recliners that push the envelope of comfort and style. The Valentina is a perfect example of elegance with its wide, square back and thick cushions. The Demi, on the other hand, demonstrates a taste of the contemporary age with its thin frame and soft contours. Despite its nimble nature, the Demi guarantees maximum comfort as the cushions form about your body. As each luxury recliner comes with a range of color and finish options, an exclusive LAFER retractable footrest and the independent backrest and headrest fine adjustments; it is easy to find the perfect recliner for your home.


LAFER’s dedication to quality is demonstrated through the strict quality control that is upheld through every step of the production process. From the selection of materials to the finishing touches, LAFER withholds no expense to ensure that the final product meets both personal standards as well as the customer’s every need. This is why LAFER has been able to maintain its status as a premier manufacturer of top-quality furniture and will continue to do so in the future.

City Schemes is the oldest contemporary furniture showroom in Greater Boston area. We offer the entire line of LAFER Leather recliners.

Contemporary Furniture by Tema Home at City Schemes in Greater Boston

sally-oak-dining-chair-tema-homeWe are proud to present to our local Boston contemporary customers a new line from Portugal – Tema Home. With over 30 years of experience in the manufacturing of furniture, TemaHome is one of the most internationally renowned companies in the furniture and lifestyle industry. It first started off as Norema Portuguesa, the name given to the merger between the Norwegian Norema SA and the Portuguese Mendes Godinho SA. It gained fame and recognition around the world with the manufacturing of modular furniture. Their early product lines came about due to the blending of Norway’s technology and Portugal’s efficient methods.


In 1995, the Norwegian partners took complete ownership of the company and focused on the production of furniture and accessories for kitchens, living spaces and bathrooms. During this period, the company focused on its sales in Norway. By 2000, the British 3i group PLC took over a majority of the shares and changed the name to Tema. With one more change of leadership and another name change (this time to TemaHome), the company refocused on the international market.

This new focus on the worldwide market led to the employment of 135 professionals who work in a 17,000-square-meter production plant in Tomar. It also led to collaborative projects with award-winning designs of famous Portuguese designers, such as Fernando Brízio and Filipe Alarcão. With such visionaries behind the company, TemaHome produces a collection of contemporary furniture and stylish accessories that are available in over 30 different countries around the world.


From TemaHome’s desks to their beds, you can expect excellent detail, innovative design and versatility. When choosing between tables, one can go for the Harbour in order to combine style with practicality, as the table uses a shelving cabinet as one of its bases. One may also choose the modern and slim design of the Flow to visually open up a space. This range can be found in each of TemaHome’s product categories and ensures that you will find the right piece of furniture for your home.

Lenny Kravitz: The Interior Designer

image 1There is an interesting piece by Mark McGuiness on Lateral Action that talks about how a certain degree of creativity from rock stars can attract more supporters. These individuals, whether in a band or flying solo, are some of the most artistically gifted people in the world. Often they crave more than just the idea of selling out shows and albums because they want to express themselves and showcase their talents through various avenues as well as their music.

For Lenny Kravitz, life isn’t restricted to performing on stage and recording in a studio, as he has been known ever since the late 1990s to invest in, and modernize properties all over the world. In an article featured by The New York Times, he revealed that after a hectic schedule on tour, he wears his other hat, and focuses on being an interior designer. Growing up in Manhattan, New York where he enjoyed iconic rock n’ roll bands such as KISS and Led Zeppelin, Kravitz found harmony in music and décor.

In more ways than one, Lenny Kravitz’ musical influences played a huge role in developing his eye for detail. Often times, many compare him to another guitar legend and style icon, Jimi Hendrix. It is not surprising, to say the least that Hendrix remains a prominent figure decades after his passing. UK-based entertainment company Slingo even paid tribute to arguably the greatest instrumentalist in the history of rock by featuring a Jimi Hendrix Online Slot in its roster of games. For Kravitz though, aside from incorporating precise Hendrix elements into his music, he adapted this eclectic, borderline flamboyant style to his home designs.

picture 2

Lenny Kravitz’ first full-scale project was a classic Biscayne Bay, Florida mansion he proudly called “Villa Roxie,” paying tribute to his mother. The result was a mix of modern classicism and a distinct 1970s look. He also collaborated with famous architect-designer Michael Czysz some years later on a Miami Beach house that underlined a mind-bending style with Playboy and Clockwork Orange elements.

picture 3

A couple of decades later, in 2005, Lenny Kravitz officially added “designer” to his multi-hyphenated title with the birth of Kravitz Design. He was no longer limited to his own investment portfolio, and had the proper vehicle to share and impart his design talents to the rest of the world. He and his team laid the foundation of and refurbished a New York City penthouse, which had been declining in the market for a number of years. Grammy Award-winning singer Alicia Keys, later on, bought said home, which she then re-sold for a whopping $15 million – $2 million more than what she originally paid for it.

picture 4

Kravitz Design’s other notable projects include the Florida Room piano lounge at The Delano, as well as The Setai Hotel’s recording studio. Both developments are nestled in beautiful Miami Beach. The company also fiddled with a chandelier project for Swarovski and produced a set of psychedelic wallpapers – in yet another homage to Jimi Hendrix – for Flavor Paper.

All things considered, Lenny Kravitz proves that learning does not stop once a person reaches a certain level of accomplishment. Yes, he has a place at the top of music’s Mount Rushmore, but at the end of the day, just like any other successful person, there will always be the constant need to acquire more skills to satisfy their creative urges and increase their fortune.

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European Contemporary Sleeper Sofa beds from Suinta, Spain

In 1990 the renowned furniture manufacturer Suinta was founded in in Yecla, Murcia (Spain). Suinta’s facility is comprised of 8,000 square meters, and it is home to the most modern technology and manufacturing systems. The company’s dedication to quality, through its shared team vision and use of top-quality equipment, has made Suinta a leader in the national market for manufactured furniture, in particular: sofa beds.

suinta sleepers sofa bed at city schemes boston

With an innovative team of professionals, Suinta has been able to consistently maintain a position at the top of the market with its range of stylish sofa beds. The Como sofa bed is an extraordinary example of the traditional with the contemporary. The mixture of thin wooden sides with thick cushions creates a contemporary warmth in any home. For one who is looking for something more modern, take a peek at the New Mika. This sofa bed incorporates slim and clean lines in order to create a modern vibe. Suinta prides itself on the creation of sofa beds and puts a lot of emphasis on ensuring the customer’s satisfaction in finding a proper sofa bed. That’s why the company uses easy dry-cleaning components, such as microfibers.

However, Suinta’s quality is not restricted to the manufacturing of sofa beds. The company also dives into the creation of armchairs. Manufacturing easy-to-use and comfortable armchairs has become a staple of the company’s product line. With a range of styles that can adapt to any room, Suinta demonstrates an approach that caters to the customer. The Living armchair can handle any room of modern influence, with its unique curves, while the Roble armchair states a simple elegance through its high back and small contours.urbino-sofa-bed-by-suinta-spain-002

City Schemes Contemporary Furniture is an authorized dealer of Suinta in the Greater Boston area and we have on our floor a few sleeper / sofa bed samples of this great modern furniture line.

For a company that combines quality and convenience, look no farther than Suinta. Its team of professionals designs and creates some of the most versatile pieces of furniture to handle any type of space.