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Contemporary Wall Units by Rossetto, Italy

A wall unit is one of the best ways to further enhance the characteristics of a room as well as present something a bit more outside the constraints of a room’s given style. This is due to the intricacies of space that a wall unit presents for a home. Cubbies of various shapes, lengths and widths come together to form a powerful and complex piece of furniture. Its power is reminiscent of jazz where the spaces untouched can speak as loudly as the parts used. Though its frame and spacing might tie easily into the elements of a room, the items it holds can immensely change the feeling of a room.rossetto-wall-unit-at-city-schemes-1

Rossetto’s dedication to creating rooms that capture an essence and play up a certain theme are continued in their wall units. The Lounge living room collection features an ultra sleek wallboard with glass shelves that hang above a grounded unit. Despite the elegance of this wall unit’s lines, it maintains a modern and even slightly casual vibe. The Tween Box collection features a wall unit with shelving boxes of different shapes, creating a unique pattern. For a more traditional product with a minimalist influence, you cannot go wrong with the Tween collection’s wall unit. Its modular furnishing elements create a compact and neat space.

Wall units are a fun and great way to add flair to a room, and Rossetto’s lineup ensures that you will be able to spice up your personal space. No matter what your preferences are, Rossetto’s wall units will provide you with the furnishings, shelves and cubbies that will maximize every inch of your room. This dedication to providing the customer with the best possibility is part of Rossetto’s mission. It also plays a part as to why Rossetto is one of the top manufacturers in the world.

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Modern Bar Stools by DomItalia

Bars speak heavily about a person’s personality. Any type of bar suggests that a person is extremely social and enjoys having guests over to entertain. However, a person with a wooden bar set in a corner is extremely different than someone who owns a metal and mobile set. A wooden bar sets a far more traditional tone and suggests that mainly family members gather around it. A more modern bar with a metal frame and wheels is tailored a little more toward single professionals who want to be consistently trendy.

Afro-Sgt_amb bar stool by domitalia at city schemes

The distinction of the bar and the nuances it can speak of someone’s character continues with the stools that complete the set. Bar stools can simply agree with the bar, further its influence or even spark a new statement. The height of the stool, the color of the cushion, the material of the frame and so many other aspects affect the way the bar stool is seen.

As one of the top manufacturers of chairs, Domitalia knows the power that a bar stool can have in a room. Domitalia’s line of bar stools allows the customer to choose any option. Whether you want to bring new life to your bar by infusing new colors or create a sleeker atmosphere through taller stools with slender seat frames, Domitalia has the bar stool that will work best for your bar.

When people look at the Afro-Sgt, they are immediately put into an environment that displays a sleek contemporary vibe. It tells others that you are following the current trends. The Playa-P-Sg, on the other hand, shows off a more laid back and colorful bar stool. Its shell, which resembles a wave, is equal parts exciting and relaxing.

contemporary-barstools_domitalia-cityschemesNo matter which refined bar stool you choose, Domitalia guarantees that you will be satisfied. The company ensures quality by enforcing in-depth quality tests at every stage of production. Domitalia’s customer care has always been one of the company’s defining characteristics.

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Dresser as an essential part of modern bedroom

Dressers are essential aspects of every bedroom. They are perfect for maximizing the space of an area. Such a function is invaluable in a bedroom where one will want to store a lot of different items. They will want to have their entire wardrobe and jewelry collection in the bedroom so that they can fully prepare for the day in the comfort of their own room. They might have pictures and other personal items scattered about the bedroom. It can be very difficult fitting all these items into a bedroom if it is not outfitted with a closet and other furnishings that allow for storage.

modern dresser at city schemes

A dresser not only offers a flat surface for photos and other small items, but countless drawers to store anything you can think of. If your wardrobe is exploding from your closet than a dresser can help clean up the room. Dressers can have hidden drawers for jewelry and more expensive items. They provide a lot of opportunity and storage for someone, which helps people make their bedroom their personal space. The more someone can fit into their own room, then the more personalized and comfortable it becomes. Of course, there is a line to be drawn as no one wants to live in a cluttered room.

Though dressers are traditionally meant for bedrooms, they can be placed in other rooms throughout the house. The factors that matter in this situation are the size and styling of the dressers. Many dressers are extremely elegant with intricate lines and ornate touches, and so the only place they belong is a living room or bedroom. Some dressers though are more compact and simple. These types of dressers can work really well in a bathroom. They help fill up the space with a cozier touch and allow for easy storage of makeup and bathroom supplies.

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Custom Made 20cm Sofas from ROM, Belgium

ROM Belgium furniture in BostonSofas can be the main piece of furniture to define a room. Their ability to be a focal point stems from their functionality as a place for family and guests to gather. Though there might be other aspects to consider, such as whether you want the room to be suited toward entertainment or peace and quiet, a sofa leads the style of the room. It is through the defining aspects of the sofa that other elements such as shelves, lamps, rugs and TVs are considered.

ROM is a family business that opened its doors in 1961. From the beginning ROM has prided itself on innovation. Consistently figuring out new ways to increase value in its products, finding better solutions and providing ideal customer service earned ROM a place in the international market.

Today Paul Rom of the second generation runs the business, keeping the ROM tradition alive. Under his supervision, the company continually focuses on the definition of quality. All products produced by ROM go through in-depth quality tests at every stage of production to ensure that the product will not only meet the company’s standards, but to ensure the customer’s satisfaction. It has never been a better time to buy a sofa from ROM, as it continually advances and brings gorgeous designs into the market.


The Chronos collection offers a sofa of incomparable comfort and style that can blend into in any type of setting, whether traditional or contemporary. The Florac sofa brings homeowners into a world of extraordinary comfort, while maintaining modern contemporary aesthetics with its buttoned seats. With a range of colors and the option to choose between leather or fabrics, the line of ROM sofas are able to capture the imagination and allow you to personalize your space. No matter what type of sofa you choose, you are guaranteed a durable piece of furniture that will provide you years of comfort.

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Modern Dining Chairs by DomItalia

domitalia chairs city schemesChairs give accent and affluence to a room. A table would not have the same sense of warmth and welcoming if chairs were not placed around it. That is why chairs are necessary when creating a dining room that will entice guests and family to gather in a singular area. They act as staples for the style of the dining room. They give dining tables their prominence while connecting other aspects of the room together, such as rugs or lamps. City Schemes’ is an official distributor of Domitalia and provides the best service in the Greater Boston area, our prices can’t be beat! Get the perfect dining chair set for you dining table now.

Domitalia has gained international fame through the quality of its chairs. Founded more than 25 years ago, the company prides itself on its ability to produce products of the highest quality at fair prices. Domitalia ensures that each piece of furniture that is produced will have a market to enter and an audience to capture. The amount of time spent in studying the market and all aspects of interior trends correlates closely with the success that the company has experienced.

domitalia dining chair at cityschemes bostonThe styles represented in the company’s line of chairs are numerous. One can see traditional and modern influences in the simplicity of the Anja and its wooden frame. The modern elegance of the Cloud-A is distinguished by its sleek body and high back. No matter your preference, Domitalia can provide a chair that meets your highest expectations. The company’s versatility comes from its dedication to research and development. The investments made towards R&D have allowed Domitalia to push innovation and become one of the top furniture companies in the world.

Understanding that a loyal customer base is one of the main pillars of success in any industry, Domitalia implements intensive quality control to ensure customer satisfaction. The dedication to quality products ensures an exceptional level of comfort and durability with each of their chairs, whether you are buying the ergonomic Chloe-P or the contemporary Dot-P-Sg.